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Feb 27, 2024

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By using GPS and considering online traffic like foreign samples, the map and route finder will suggest you the fastest and least traffic route and inform you of the police along the way to warn you of approaching the speed control camera. Facilities such as displaying air pollution in cities that have air pollution measurement stations, announcing road speed bumps, routing considering traffic plans and air pollution control, combined bus and subway routing, motorcycle routing, etc., have become a sign for many Iranian users. Internet taxi drivers (Snap and Tapsi) have many special advantages compared to other map and router services.

The main features and advantages of the badge router:

The map of all the cities and countries of the world based on the open data of OpenStreetMap
Display of air pollution measurement stations in all cities that have this station...
Offline and complete map with the most details and online traffic of all cities
The possibility of choosing the best and cheapest way to reach the destination with combined bus and subway routing
World map with the possibility of routing to all desired points
Farsi speaker with the ability to say the names of the streets to avoid the need to view the map
Finding nearby public places such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, etc.
The possibility of searching without typing (Persian speech recognition)
Routing by considering traffic plans and air pollution control to control the non-unconscious entry into the plans
The ability to choose a direct route in the sign routing settings
Police presence warning, speed control camera, speed limiter and traffic
Determining the exact location of users using GPS

With the map and route finder, you know where you are.

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