बाजरा संकर नेपियर(B-N Hybrid): कम लागत पर हरा चारा APK

Mobile App in Hindi on cultivation of Bajra Napier Hybrid ( B-N Hybrid)

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UpdatedMar 18, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute
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Green fodder plays an important role in fulfilling the nutrient requirement of animal and to reduce the cost of milk production. India is endowed with 512 million livestock and about 16.81 million hectares agricultural land. Green fodder is being cultivated only on 8.4 million hectares (5.23%) of cropping area and the available forage are poor in quality and deficient in protein and minerals, which has a significant bearing on production potential and productivity of livestock. At present, the country faces a net deficit of 33.10 per cent green fodder, 11.41 per cent dry crop residues and 64 per cent feeds. Further, 54 per cent of the total fodder is met from crop residue, while 18 per cent fodder is met from grasslands and only 28 per cent fodder is met from cultivated fodder crops viz. jowar, bajra, maize barseem, lucern etc. To address the problem of non-availability of green fodder in Bareilly district, ICAR-IVRI has introduced perennial fodder crop i.e., Bajra Napier Hybrid (B-N Hybrid) as a best alternative fodder grass to meet the green fodder requirement for the livestock at low cost. B-N Hybrid is being popularized by ICAR- IVRI Izatnagar through massive extension educational activities (through paper media, electronic media, social media, mobile app, training to the farmers, farmers workshop, exposure visit of the farmers to the demonstration etc.) to make aware and educate the farmers to grow B-N Hybrid. Social media (Facebook page, WhatsApp, YouTube Channel) and played an important role in popularizing the B-N Hybrid among the farmers, which have resulted into the introduction of B-N Hybrid beyond the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh also. The scientific cultivation practices of B-N Hybrid is being described in this MobileApp to educate the farmers.

Email: ivri.fb@gmail.com

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