আদর্শলিপি (Kids Book) APK

With this app kids learn alphabet, number and many more with image and animation

Version1.2.0 (4)
UpdatedJan 27, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperMd. Asaduzzaman
CategoryGames, Education

Now it is midnight in planet named “Androrld”. Adorsho is sleeping in his room. Suddenly he wakes up from his sleep because of heavy sound and flashing of light. But still some texts are floating in front his sleepy eyes like “অ তে অজগর, A for apple”. But he cannot understand what those texts are. Then he observes that the flashing light for which he woke up is coming from a nearby planet named “Earth”. Suddenly a spaceship from that earth comes at high speed and crashes in front of his yard. Adorsho got surprised so much that he could not move for a few seconds. Then he runs there to see what happen. There he discovers a little girl like an angel crying beside the crashed spaceship. Adorsho talked to the girl and finds that her name is Lipi. Lipi is holding an almost burnt book in her little hands. At one page of that burnt book, he surprisingly sees the same text he saw in the dream. Then Adorsho asks Lipi why she is crying. Lipi replies that she is crying because she has lost her book. Adorsho falls in a great dilemma how to stop the baby from crying. Then suddenly an idea came into his mind. Adorsho suggests that he will prepare a book for Lipi if she helps. Lipi likes the idea and stops crying. After that day, Lipi and Adorsho start creating the book for nursery kids. They name the book “Adorsho-Lipi”. Now Lipi is relieved because all the letters, words and the sweet poems she learned from planet Earth will not be lost anymore in this universe. And the new born kids of planet Androrld will also know the letters, words, sweet poems and many more like her.

Kids can learn the following feature using this application with beautiful images and animation (which they used to turn page in their text book):

1. বাংলা (Bangla): Kids can learn Bangla alphabet (স্বরবর্ন & ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ) with number (সংখ্যা)
2. ইংরেজি (English): Also learn English alphabet (Small and Capital letters) and number with Bangla text
3. আরবি (Arabic): Also learn Arabic alphabet (Bornomala) and number (Songkha) with Bangla text
4. প্রানী পরিচিতি (Animal): Learn about different Animal (Poshu), Bird (Pakhi) and fish (Mach) with Bangla and English name
5. ফল-ফুল-সবজি (Fruit-Flower-Vegetable): Learn about different fruit, flower and vegetable (Sobji) with Bangla and English name
6. ছড়া-কবিতা (Poem): Also learn Bangla kobita and English poems (Rhyme)
7. দিন-মাস-ঋতু (Day-Month-Season): Can learn about Day, Month and Season name in Bangla, English and Arabic
8. অন্যান্য (Others): Kids also change bangla text color and style using the settings.

What's New

1. Added detail resources for Arabic
2. Added new font for Arabic
3. Added detail descriptions for English and Arabic
4. Improved flip view performance
5. Minor bug fixes

Email: dhrubo.csedu@gmail.com

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