Immortal Little Saint Krabi flight, kill demons, explore the secret land, enter the immortal


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Aug 29, 2023
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เซียนน้อยอมตะ GAME

Little Saint" is a Saint training game that uses "Forge Equipment" is the core. and has a perfect divine system Being an inexperienced Little Fairy. You need to open equipment forge boxes, upgrade equipment, get tested, constantly challenge your enemies. eventually grow into a powerful Saint Master

Here you can find unlimited unboxing fun and the mysteries of the divine world. There are many types of equipment here. can be installed in a variety Upgrading the treasure box has a higher chance of forging rare equipment! You will be raising cute spirit animals. to obtain various high-level spirit weapons Empty Mind Mirror, King Burapha Bell, Devil Sealing Sword... Numerous spirit weapons are waiting for you to use! There is also mission system, trial system, pet system, battle mode... A lot of fun is waiting for you to explore!

Function highlights:
Open unlimited free boxes Let's open up and have fun!
various types of equipment change to be beautiful
Adventure with cute spirit animals High level spirit weapons will help you hunt demons and eliminate devils!
comes with many statuses to choose from and fun strategic play!
automatic box opening Unlock in one click
The process is smooth, how to play casually, easy to understand.
beautiful ink painting style
imitation of the divine world Abundant Chinese cultural heritage

Hurry up to experience the fun RPG game system. Forge unlimited equipment together. stepping into the path of sage training Let's challenge Heaven's Law by cultivating a breakthrough technique!
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