When connected to go, happiness is coming.


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Aug 29, 2023
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イククル-出会いマッチングアプリ APP

Your life
That app
A little nice
What if you could change it?

It will celebrate its 22nd anniversary
Connected app.
In addition to the familiar human relationships so far,
People in the area near you
People of the desired age,
People who are excited about their hobbies,
Selected from the largest 15 million people in Japan,
You can connect directly.

If you take a step and connect,
Your happiness is coming.
Yes, that is the law of [Ikukuru].

[Main functions]
·message board
You can write on a board for each type.
・ Message BOX & Stamp
You can have a fun conversation by making full use of the stamp.
・ Detailed profile search
It is possible to find the ideal user.
・ Looking for a partner
For those who emphasize looks, you can find the other person from the photo.
・ Hobby search
You can search for a partner based on your common hobbies and interests!
Let's use it to create a topic for first contact.
Upload daily events. Of course, you can also publish your photos together.
·my friend
It is a convenient function to create a chance to get to know each other better.
You can always see the profile of the person you care about.
・ Tweet
You can tweet your real time.
・ Fortune-telling function
You can check your fortune every day.
・ History
You can expand the chances of encountering them with a trail.
・ Memo function
It is convenient for those who want to keep a memo of the person they care about.
・ Ignore list
A woman who ignores the specified person is also a safe function.
・ Look and function
You can make friends with other users without knowing the exchange.
・ Push notification settings (new mail, type, fortune-telling, notification)
If you set push notification, you will notice the appeal as soon as possible.

[Ikukuru Safety and Security Initiatives]
・ We operate and manage the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that you can use it with peace of mind.
・ We have a support system that can respond promptly to troubles.
・ Some contents are not disclosed to users who have not confirmed their age. Unlike other dating apps that do not have age verification, we limit the use of users under the age of 18, so you can use it with confidence.
・ At Ikukuru, we check the photos registered in the profile, self-introduction, message board, etc., and we cannot post content that violates the terms of use.
・ If you find an unpleasant recruitment or profile picture, tap "Report" to report to Ikukuru.
-There is also a function to reject the person who seems uncomfortable in the exchange.
・ Ikukuru has a system in place to respond promptly to customer inquiries. In principle, we will respond to inquiries and reports within 24 hours.
[Supported OS version]
4.4 or later
* Please be sure to read the terms of use of the app when using the Ikukuru app.
* Ikuyo Kuryo cannot be used by persons under the age of 18.
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