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Aug 16, 2023

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エモパー APP

Emopar stands for Emotional Partner. "I want your smartphone to feel like a partner with you." Emopar was born. Your smartphone, who is always with you, speaks in various ways with voices and displays in a timely and emotional manner according to the scene.
For more information on EMOPAR, please visit the official information site "EMOPARK"

[Speak with your voice at home]
と き When I wake up in the morning ... "I think it's 3 minutes and sleep twice and it's the last!"
Before going to work ... "It seems to rain today. Don't forget your umbrella."
前 Before going to bed at night ... “Tomorrow's alarm is off. Are you OK?”
On holidays, at home ... "It seems that the Park Festival is going to be held.

[Talk on the go with text]
While out,… Information about nearby stations and convenience stores
に In daily information… Information about news and soaring words
で At travel destinations and business trip destinations… Notice of local gourmet and sightseeing spots
If you stay in a karaoke or cafe for a long time → Inform your stay time

This is a simplified version that allows you to easily experience Emo Par even on terminals that do not have Emo Par pre-installed. The topics and features we talk about are less limited than the pre-installed version of Emopar, but the content of the emotional story at home remains the same.
See below for differences from the pre-installed version.
* February 20, 2020 EMOPAR Lite distribution end
Thank you for using EMOPAR Lite. About 5 years have passed since the release of EMOPAR Lite. It will be terminated. You can continue to use your current EMOPAR Lite.

・ This application uses the terminal management authority only for the following functions.
  ・ To turn off the screen automatically after the customer uses the `` talk to talk more '' function
Customers can change this setting from "Lock & Security"-> "Device Manager" in the "Settings" app.
* The change method may differ depending on the Android version of your device.

 ・ Please note that we cannot answer inquiries about how to use this app.

 ・ This software includes open source software provided under the terms of the open source license.
■ Open source license
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