A pixel art action RPG packed with adventure, mystery solving, excitement, and fun. Aim to become a legendary hero who can save the world while defeating monsters in dungeons and solving puzzles!


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Apr 3, 2024
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ガーディアンテイルズ GAME

< Guardian Tales, a pixel action RPG presented by Kong Studios >

The Kingdom of Canterbury is attacked by an unknown enemy, the Invaders.
According to legend, if you are recognized by the chosen champions of destiny, you will be able to escape destruction.
In order to combat the world's crisis, a novice knight goes on a journey with a little princess.
In Guardian Tales, players take on the role of a novice knight from the Kingdom of Canterbury and embark on an adventure to save the world.
During the journey of the Chosen Fates and Champions, various worlds and dungeons created with pixel art will appear. In each stage, you can enjoy not only exhilarating battle action with pixel art with monsters, but also mystery-solving missions with puzzle elements and mini-games.
By recruiting unique heroes drawn in pixel art as allies, strengthening and combining equipment, the range of strategies will greatly expand.
Earn the experience points necessary for training in various dungeons and raise your own party that can stand up to the legendary heroes.
In addition to single/solo adventures, there are also many multiplayer elements such as guild functions. Compete with other players, sometimes cooperate, and aim to be the hero who saves this world.

A new type of action RPG that explores the world of pixel art
A great adventure filled with unique characters in the world of Guardian Tales drawn in pixel art!
Don't miss the colorful expressions expressed with pixel art and the flashy high-quality battle action using weapons such as swords and bows!
Experience a nostalgic yet new pixel art role-playing game!

Deep story and mystery-solving puzzle RPG
An adventure story where you fight against an unknown enemy to save the world from crisis!
Aim for the legendary hero! ? Enjoy this emotional adventure story with laughter and tears!
The appeal of dungeons is not just combat and action! Full of missions using gimmicks and puzzles!
Burn, move, and use your wits to solve the mysteries of the dungeon! Clear missions and find hidden treasures and paths!

Charming characters
More than 100 characters appear, including heroes, wizards, and gods!
Brilliant actions by characters using a variety of weapons, from swords to guns!
Color the world of Guardian Tales with your emotionally expressive movements and facial expressions!
Defeat strong enemies and get a lot of experience points! Unlock new abilities for your character through evolution!
The combinations of characters are endless! Create your own party according to your strategy!
Feel free to change weapons and costumes! Changes have also been made to pixel art and battle graphics!

Equipment with rich combinations
There are over 1000 types of equipment items such as swords, bows, shields, and accessories!
Equip yourself with weapons that suit your character and take on powerful boss monsters!
Combine attributes, skills, attack range, etc. according to the monster's weaknesses! Pursue strategy and win the battle!
Build the strongest weapon of the hero class! Let's strengthen it more and more and unlock new abilities!

Enjoy full-fledged battles with simple controls
A splendid action game in which pixel art characters run around in all directions!
Control the character using the gamepad!
Use powerful skills while avoiding monster attacks!
Organize your party well and lead the battle to victory!
Connect chain skills and defeat monsters at once!

Action multiplayer with everyone
Packed with PvP content where you compete with your developed characters, and multiplayer content where you and your friends face off against powerful enemies!
Win battles under various rules, accumulate experience points, and aim for the top of the ranking!
Join a guild and compete with other members!
Become a comrade through battle! Register as a friend and enjoy the game together!
You can also exchange gifts with friends!

The action RPG "Guardian Tales" is recommended for the following people
・People who like stories full of laughter, tears, and playfulness!
・If you are looking for a puzzle RPG game that uses your brain to solve difficult puzzles!
- Those who want to enjoy cooperative battles and online battles with their guild mates!
- Those who like action RPGs where you win battles, accumulate experience points, and develop your character!
・For those who want an experience more similar to a home game!
・If you like single-player classic RPGs!
・ Those who want to enjoy a pixel art RPG drawn with nostalgic pixel art!

*Downloading the app and basic play is free.
*Some paid content is available.
*Internet connection is required to play the game.
*Data communication charges may apply.

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