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Feb 28, 2024

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トクバイ - チラシアプリ APP

No. 1 number of supermarkets and drugstores listed (in-house research in September 2020)

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70% of users realize savings on food costs!

Tokubai is Japan's largest free leaflet and coupon app.

There are more than 73,000 stores nationwide (as of January 2023). Not limited to supermarkets, it is full of useful information for daily shopping and shopping, such as drug stores, uniform shops, laundry, home centers, and convenience stores!

In addition to flyers, we will deliver coupons and sale information in a timely manner.

More than 70% of users (*) realize savings on food expenses. Check prices and seasonal ingredients before shopping, and find out when to buy them to save money!
(*Results of our own questionnaire conducted in December 2019)

■ It is good to such one
- I want to save money by checking bargain products without missing them

- I don't subscribe to newspapers, but I want to see leaflets

- I want to quickly decide what to buy

- I want to decide the menu from bargain items

- I want to be the first to know about store sales, bargains, event information, etc.

■ Functions useful for shopping

[Receiving real-time store information]

Product information posted at the store will be delivered to the app immediately.

You can receive up-to-date information that cannot be obtained from leaflets, such as recommended products, coupons, and seasonal ingredients that the store manager confidently recommends.

[You can see the details of the product]

In addition to the production area and price of the product, you can also find reference prices of nearby stores and recipes using the product. You can save money by comparing product prices.

[Easy to see flyer]

You can check today's flyer as soon as you open the app. You can browse quickly as if you were flipping through multiple leaflets. It's easy to zoom in and out.

[Online coupons too]

Even if you don't carry paper coupons, you can avoid forgetting to use online coupons by presenting them on the screen. You can quickly find coupons that can be used today.

[Easy and simple shopping memo function]

You can quickly and easily make notes of items you are interested in and things you need.

You can also save only the parts of the flyer that you like, so you can prevent yourself from forgetting to buy it.

■ Examples of store listings (in no particular order)


Ito-Yokado / Daiei / Maxvalu / Coop / Life / SEIYU / Beisia / Valor / Kasumi / Marui / Olympic / Seijo Ishii / Yaoko / Fresta / Summit / Maruetsu / Inageya

Drug store

Matsumoto Kiyoshi/Cocokara Fine/Kirindo/Sundrug/Discount Drug Cosmos/Kusuri no Lady (Tsuruha Group)

Home center

Komeri/Kains/DCM Daiki/DCM Kama/DCM Homac/Kayo Day Two/Konan

Electronics store

Yamada Denki/K's Denki/Best Denki/Joshin Denki/EDION


Family Mart/Lawson/Watts/Mommy Cleaning, etc.

Available nationwide.
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