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Nov 30, 2023
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ブラッククローバーモバイル GAME

Released on May 25, 2023!
Next-generation animation RPG!
The popular TV anime "Black Clover" is now available in a new mobile game app.
Don't miss the next-generation gaming experience, just like playing anime!

■ Prologue
Humans seemed to be destroyed by demons.
The only one who saved it was a mage.
He was called the "Magical King" and became a legend.
A world where magic is everything.
A boy who was born unable to use magic, Asta aims to prove his power, and to fulfill a promise he made to his friend, aiming to become the "Magical Emperor", the pinnacle of mages!

■ Game Introduction
【View of the world】
Completely reproduce the world view of "Black Clover"!
Numerous famous scenes drawn in high quality with toon rendering technology. Various quests with a high sense of immersion based on animated stories are prepared!
We will deliver the excitement of anime to your hands.

Reproduce unique characters with 3D modeling!
Voices by anime voice actors are also included!

A fast-paced battle that makes full use of strategy!
Experience powerful battle scenes with gorgeous skill animations!
[Base / World Map]
Let's fully enjoy the beautifully reproduced world of "Black Clover"!
Abundant content such as exploration and fishing can be played!

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