"Only this year administrative scrivener! Dell to test Q & Commercial Code, the Companies Act "problem collection.



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『今年こそ行政書士!試験にデル一問一答 商法・会社法』問題集。
この学習アプリケーションは、行政書士試験「合格突破!」のための、科目別=商法・会社法編「一問一答」式の問題集です。過去問・予想問題への即答勉強法で、合格するための「あなたの実力アップ!」を確実にサポートします。本アプリと一緒に書籍版『今年こそ行政書士!試験にデル判例』を組み合わせれば、書籍版『デル判』に掲載してあるものにはマークをつけてありますので、その都度、判例に当たることもでき、法律の総合的な理解力アップがはかれることは間違いなしです。また、問題ごとに合格への「重要度・難易度」を明記し、解答解説の重要語は赤チェックシート方式を採用。この赤チェックシートをタッチすれば「重要語」が出てくる、アプリならではの「穴埋め問題」機能付きです。これは、合格ライン突破に必要な語彙力アップトレーニングになります。行政書生試験の合格に必要な知識と問題解答能力を「すばやくチェックできる」受験者必携のこのアプリで、勉強時間を短縮し、さらに効率のよい学習を、ぜひしてみてください! これこそ、最強にして、快適でスムーズな合格への道を切り開く学習アプリケーションです!

Administrative scrivener what "this year! Dell exchange of questions and answers Commercial Code, Companies Act "problem Shu test.
For administrative scrivener test of "pass breakthrough!", This learning application is a problem collecting different subjects = Commercial Code, the Companies Act Chapter of "exchange of questionsand answers" formula. In the immediate answer study law to past questions, forecasts problem, you can reliably support the "ability up! Your" in order to pass. Administrative scrivener what "thisyear book version along with this app! Because it is and mark the ones that can combine Dell precedent "to test, you have published book version of" Dell size ", in each case, it is also possible tohit the case law, it is possible to understand power up a comprehensive legal thing is sure. In addition, specify to pass the "importance, difficulty" for each problem, the importance of word answerRemarks adopt the red check sheet method. "Important Words" comes out if you touch the red check sheet, the app only "fill-in-the-blank question" is the function. This will be the vocabulary uptraining necessary to pass line break. With this app "can be checked quickly," the problem solution capability and knowledge required to pass the administrative student test the candidate'smust-have, shorten study time, please try by all means, the learning more efficient! In the strongest, this what is the learning application that pave the way to pass a smooth and comfortable!

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