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是伊斯兰网站,网站的目的是教我们 怎么礼拜,怎么小净,礼拜的重要性及教法律列,礼拜的条件。。。。。。。 怎么清洁大净,土净。。。。。,也教你们 斋戒和斋戒的优越性及其教法论断 ,各种副功斋,高贵之夜——“盖德尔”夜。。。。。。, 怎么天课、天课的相关律例及其条件,开斋捐,商品货物的天课。。。。。。 怎么受戒,朝觐和副朝的要素、当然义务及圣行,牺牲。。。。。。 .


• 这是第一部以图解的方式解释教律的宗教读物,也是一个必须为每一个穆斯林家庭。
• 为个人,机构,和其他的崇拜行为的判例教学的综合系统。
• 它在简单地方法把人与圣训,古兰经联系起来
• 使用最现代的教具教学的方法,简化了穆斯林崇拜的的规定
• 使用示范教学,先知(愿主福安之)说:“你们看我怎样礼拜,你们就怎样礼拜。”
• 每节课有解释性的图片以及视频。
• 这个巨大的项目被翻译成14种不同的语言
• 这本书的附件是一个超过50教育影片,和数万书籍和音频组成的伊斯兰法学百科全书。 About the project
Islamic website, the purpose of the site is to teach us how to worship, how small a net, worship and teach the importance of legal column, worship conditions. . . . . . . How to clean large net, netsoil. . . . . Also teach you the advantages of fasting and fasting and teaching thesis, various naafil fast, noble Night - "Gai Deer" Night. . . . . . , How zakat, the relevant statutes andconditions of Zakat, Iftar donate, commodity goods zakat. . . . . . How ordained elements Hajj and Umrah, obligations and the Sunnah of course, sacrifice. . . . . . .


• This is the first graphically interpreted Fiqh religious books, but also a must for every Muslim family.
• for individuals, institutions, and other acts of worship comprehensive system of jurisprudence teaching.
• It is simply the method of man and the Hadith, the Qur'an link
• using the most modern methods of teaching aids, to simplify the provisions of Muslim worship
• Use teaching demonstration, the Prophet (PBUH) said: "You see how I worship you on how to worship."
• each lesson with explanatory images and video.
• This huge project has been translated into 14 different languages
• This annex is a book of more than 50 educational videos, encyclopedia and tens of thousands of Islamic jurisprudence books and audio composition.

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