僵尸大战 群魔乱舞 ( 中文版 ) APK + OBB

The popular IOS Chinese Zombie War 2 arrived at last.

Version2 (54)
UpdatedAug 02, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperTomato Animation SG
CategoryGames, Action


Sung is an apprentice taoist warrior in the world of ancient China. The undead, zombie and ghost infested the town and city, filling the environment with dark aura and stench of rotting zombie.

He met a beautiful, sexy ghost girl. Together they venture into the dark ancient China and fight off the chinese zombie. Fight with powerful weapon and supernatural magic to fend off the zombie and be careful of the ghost and undead too!

Come and join in the journey of Sung and his beautiful, sexy ghost girl in the battle of zombies and vampires!

Game Features.

- Beautiful graphics, horror and realistic sound effects.

- Addictive and interesting story line.

- Travel with beautiful, sexy ghost girl to the north of China to fight off the emperor zombie / vampire.

-Fully 3D environment, from the ancient forest, maze, dungeon, grave, temple until the great wall of China, and many more.

-Different types of zombies / vampire and ghost..

-Bosses to fight off along the story. Eg, General Zombie / vampire, Headless Zombie, Emperor Zombie / vampire.

- Beautiful, sexy ghost girl as teammate.

-4 legendary bosses at the end of the game.

-72 upgrades of player talent tree.

- Traditional Taoism weapons like talisman, soul bell, bagua mirror, ancient sword and many more.

- And the game comes with 2 different ending...

- Try and save the beautiful, sexy ghost girl!

What's New

* 请注意,因为是单机游戏,玩家不必连线不必登录就可开始游戏,相对的,官方也无法为您保存任何游戏记录,游戏删掉的话就得重玩噢。

Email: hello@tomatoanimation.com

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