Awaken the taboo existence and fight against the unknown disaster; welcome to the school, Secret Keeper


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Jan 4, 2024
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忘卻前夜 Morimens GAME

The world is dying.

Hundreds of years ago - "Melt and Erosion" came quietly. Life, reason, memory, everything that humans have given "meaning" to, were gradually erased in the erosion of all traces of their existence.

And people don't know anything about it.
Faced with this secret and unspeakable disaster, Missaga University, as one of the few insiders, is determined to awaken the power that has the same origin as the disaster and connect humanoid weapons wandering on the edge of madness to resist this... A huge crisis.

If everything will eventually be forgotten, are you willing to carry the secret and move forward as proof of the world's existence?
The tombstone is the evidence, and may the silver key guide the way forward.

Welcome aboard, Keepers of Secrets.

Living in foggy England, carrying the secrets of the times for life and death
Amidst melting crisis, elegance and power go hand in hand
Assemble your own card lineup and awaken them who share the same source of disasters.
Roguelite breaks through levels and uses strategies to uncover taboo truths
Unit-style plot, pursuing the truth in a broken world
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