Search in the 360-degree perspective of the waste hospital of horror! Cursed incident to solve string, Escape from dangerous waste hospital


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Feb 15, 2019
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恐怖!廃病院からの脱出:無影灯 GAME

Mini game "Golden female looking" is added!
Withstand the attack comes fear, Dase looking for a three female from the hospital!
※ you to play a mini-game by clearing the story.

You went to the liver trying to waste hospital of Iwakutsuki.
However, a friend in the hospital becomes missing.
Soon many of the strange phenomenon strikes you!

What the hell is ... in gradually become clear past incidents ... this hospital in one to look for friends.
Moment out looking for a fast friend also, Escape from the cursed waste hospital!

【Method of operation】
Screen tap ... survey the room
Move the screen swipe ... point of view
Item ... use the tools that were available
Move the room in the sketch ... tap
File ... View the document was obtained
Get the jewels ... Tips

[How to play Recommended]
Realism is doubled by attaching the headphones.
Recommended to play while listening to the sound!

Contains some grotesque representation in this game

[Delivery price]
The basic free-to-play (free-to-play system)
Communication fees are incurred separately ※

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