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Nov 15, 2022
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[Multiple fights - more affordable, more fun]
A lot of work, the new e-commerce pioneer, is the mainstream mobile shopping app in China. By initiating a spelling with friends, family, neighbors, etc., the user can learn more about the consumer through the spelling, and accurately recommend and match through the machine algorithm, so that users can buy better things at a lower price and experience more. Affordable and fun.

[Pictures a lot - Happy Camp & If You Are the One & I am a big detective]
Download a lot of fun, and meet the happy family "Happy Camp", experience the benefits and happiness of the group shopping together; and "If You Are the One", the guest shopping gift is the best choice, the male and female guests feel the fun together; more "I am big Detective, Mr. He takes you to explore the mystery of shopping, when you are a detective and you have to buy things – fight a lot!

[Featured channels, save a lot for you]
1, limited time spike: 1 yuan spike, 9.9 yuan snapped up, multiple times a day spike, a lot of wonderful! Every second, every second!
2, bargaining free to take: 100 items for you to choose, invite friends to help bargain, cut to 0 yuan for you to take!
3, sign in the red envelope: daily check in the App, receive cash, accumulated 10 yuan can be withdrawn!
4, every day to receive red envelopes: daily online can receive 100 yuan red envelopes, sharing friends can be used to withdraw.

[Listen to your voice]
Official WeChat: Fighting a lot (pinduoduo2015)
Official Weibo: @拼多多
Official website:
Customer Service Phone: 400-8822-528
Consumer fixed line hotline: 02161097588
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