Across light-years, the astral world went to the appointment. Take on the mission of saving the astral world and go on an adventure with the Destined Protoss!


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Jan 9, 2023
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星界幻想 GAME

Contract Protoss Battle Abyss
Version 3.2 "Star Spirit Secret Realm" Mystery Unlocked

【New version content】
1. The "Protoss Mystery" will open on the 11th day of server opening. Players can freely match protoss exclusive skills, and get a large number of star stone rewards by quickly hanging up. Go to the protoss store to use star stones to purchase protoss special weapons.
2. "Bright Star Atlas" will open on the 12th day of server opening. Go to the Protoss Store and use star shards to buy star atlases. Wearing star atlases will unlock super combat power bonuses.
3. The "Abyss System" will start on the 24th day of server opening. When the stars are dim, the power of the abyss will quietly select loyal followers. Start the abyss suit and get a lot of attribute bonuses, go to the black market to exchange runes and spars.

"Astral Fantasy" is a 3D fantasy adventure mobile game in another world. It uses open scenes, exquisite character modeling, and cool skills to build a wonderful and exciting adventure. Here, you will come to the chaotic star continent as a brave man, contract with the stars, unlock the exclusive star spirit, and walk with cute pets.

【Game Features】
------2.5D/3D free switching to create a deep adventure experience------
Fantastic misty swamp, quiet forest temple, ancient dynasty dungeon and mysterious lost sea. Every map scene in the game will undergo a new interpretation. Freely switch through the perspective of the 3D screen, adventurer, are you ready to meet new challenges?

------ Love through time and space, capture the heart-beating moment ------
Encounter on the journey is the beginning of all beautiful stories. Confess to your crush bravely! You can hold a romantic wedding and a grand parade with him/her to start a romantic journey.

------One soul, two souls, awakened soul, Jedi counterattack------
The infinite energy contained in the body allows the desperate brave to summon the gods, enter the battlefield in the form of gods, unlock new fighting postures, protect teammates, and instantly defeat the enemy!

------The person with the destiny of the stars, the unique warm fetters------
Destined bond, the protoss in the distant universe travels across light years and makes an appointment with you in the star realm. The unique and exclusive protoss, personality development, will give you a super boost in battle!

------Leader challenges, the battle for the top of the list continues to escalate------
Clear the boss dungeon strategy, break through yourself in the main storyline, keep upgrading the beach challenges, strengthen your strength in the challenges without prohibition, and become the king of the star continent.

Agent: Wanke Digital
Publisher: Zhiyou Online
This software is supplemented by Level 12
"Sex" game characters wearing sexually explicit clothing or attire but not sexually suggestive; educational or medical nudity
"Violence" has fights, attacks, etc. that are not bloody or slightly scary
Dating and making friends: This game provides a marriage system and encourages players to fall in love or get married virtually.
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