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樂吃購!日語教室 APK

An app for conversational Japanese

Version1.0.0 (1)
UpdatedApr 27, 2017 (4 years ago)
Developergeelee media group Inc.
CategoryApps, Education

If you're currently learning Japanese, maybe you've come across the following situations. For example, you've been learning Japanese for a while, but still don't know how to say things/express yourself. You still can't communicate in Japanese very well. You can't have conversations with native Japanese speakers even though you've memorized a ton of vocabulary.

This is because being able to communicate is totally different from memorizing vocabulary and learning grammar. In order to speak natural Japanese, you must understand the logic behind Japanese and the way people think when they speak it. Familiarizing yourself with common expressions and sayings in Japanese is also very important, instead of directly translating Chinese words into Japanese. The existing Japanese learning apps on the market mainly focus on the Gojūon and vocabulary. Seeing the lack of an app for conversational Japanese, Let'sgoJapan has launched the Let'sgo Nihongo Classroom app.

◆ Features:
300 sentences of daily conversational Japanese (including examples and pronunciation by a native speaker).
The keyword search function allows you to find examples you need right away. After learning a sentence, you can test yourself to see the results of your learning. The auto-play function allows you to listen to all the sentences just like the way you listen to music. If you have any questions while learning, you can ask Mr. Yoshida, who will happily answer your questions!

◆Example of the sentences in the app:
We would like to pay separately.
We will further discuss this topic.
You can't say things like that.
Identity theft

◆ Categories:
There are currently 11 categories, including: meeting someone for the first time, shopping, dining, health conditions, Internet slang, business, IT, hair salon, talking to friends, intermediate level sayings and expressions, and advanced news vocabulary. There will be more categories coming out soon!

Be sure to download the Let'sgoJapan Nihongo Classroom app! Regardless of whether you're traveling to Japan or studying in Japan, this app will be very useful for learning Japanese.


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