Break the endless cycle and use the fragmented time to save the world! The urban fantasy theme idle RPG 7 Days Forever: Endless Beginning is now open!


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Jun 30, 2022
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永遠的7日:無盡開端 GAME

"The countdown to your destiny with the city...begins!"
break the endless cycle
Urban Fantasy Idle RPG

◆Break through difficulties while placing them! Use fragmented time to save the world!
Use strategy and placement skills skillfully to continuously liberate various areas!

◆Multiple endings, the choice is yours!
The amount of text in the plot exceeds one million, and the player's choice will determine the direction of the plot. After 7 days, usher in the end of the story that only belongs to you!

◆Abundant characters add color to the plot! The luxurious seiyuu lineup gives the character soul!
The "artifacts" with rich personalities will sing and I will appear! Together with your companions, face the endless cycle of reincarnation!

◆Hakoniwa City on the border!
Challenge the endless 7-day cycle where the fates of the worlds meet. Your stage - right in the border city!

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※"Eternal 7 Days: Endless Beginning" is classified as supplementary level 15 according to the game software classification management method. The game plot of this application involves sex, inappropriate language, and violence.

※This application game is free to use, and there are other paid services such as the purchase of virtual game currency and items.

※Please experience it according to your personal interests, abilities, and please pay attention to the game time to avoid addiction.
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