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***须先下载 “基督教书库” 才可阅读。(请进入” 基督教书库” 里阅读此书)***程蒙恩著

本书是《系统神学 浓缩版 1》的延续,不但有系?地将圣经真理罗列出来并加以阐释,还包含了广泛的题材如广传福音、教会真理、神的预定和拣选、追求更丰盛的生命、得胜者、国度的真理、永世、天使、识破魔鬼、圣徒的处世、婚姻、家庭等。本书适合初信者、信徒、服事信徒者、传道者,可作为个人或小组追求成长及全面装备圣经真理的材料,使我们都能成为神合用的器皿。

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*** Should download the "Christian stacks" can read. (Please go to "Christian stacks" in reading this book) *** Cheng grace book

This book is "systematic theology condensed version of a" continuation of, not only the Department? Biblical truth will set out the ground and elaborate, but also includes a wide range of topics such as evangelism, church truth, God's book and chose to pursue a more generous the life of the winner, and the kingdom of truth, eternity, angels, see through the devil, saints life skills, marriage, and family. This book is suitable believers, believers, and serve believers preacher can be used as an individual or group pursuit of growth and fully equipped with biblical truth of the material, so that we can become God vessels fit.

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