The Nordic mythology system is the stage, and the card battle RPG God's Domain summons all the Nordic goddesses.


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Mar 1, 2024
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薔薇騎士團 GAME

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The vast world of gods is on the rise again! The Norse mythology goddess-themed mobile game "Rose Knights" has made a stunning debut! It is a battle card game that integrates real-time strategy elements, with strategies and micro-management, and will bring you a brand new card game experience. In the game, you will experience the power of the gods in Nordic mythology, and lead them to display their magical skills, awaken their godhood, revive their artifacts, and conquer the divine world. Many gorgeous goddess images and splendor~

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Game features
1-Cool skills and special effects, shocking scenes
Female warriors are the basic combat units in the game and are divided into 4 professions. Each hero has independent acquisition and training progress, surpassing Rose Black Sun's artistic performance and comparable to Dragon Ball Fighting's combat capabilities. Compared with the female characters in JX Love and JX Online 3, it is more heroic, more powerful, and has world-shaking skills. The cool special effects produced with great care, combined with the exquisite scenes, bring the immortal experience of Diablo and start the battle to defend the goddess.

2. A variety of confrontational gameplay and rich content
Who says cards are uncontestable? Temple battlefield, legion melee, alliance throne, princess game, goddess defense battle... all kinds of confrontational gameplay are available to satisfy all your dreams about PVP! Summon the Archangel in the God's Domain, assemble the Fairy Tail Guild, awaken the miracle of the Archangel Sword, and protect the summoned Magic City and Battlefront in the sky. The game will let go of the long-term operation of the Three Kingdoms, and will later add new gameplay systems such as dating and tavern battles. Better team play than Era of Blue.

3-Norse mythology system, divine power and majesty
The game takes Asgard, the Nordic mythology system, as the stage. God's Domain summons all the Nordic goddesses. There are more goddesses than League of Goddess 2, and the role positioning and exclusive skills are tailor-made for each goddess, giving you an immersive experience. The King of Glory in the realm, the fountain of girls on the frontline of the warrior queen, explore the dungeon, train female warriors, fight against powerful monsters, and create the most fashionable beauty game.

4-Exquisite character original paintings, beautiful visuals
Ultra-clear female image quality creates the ultimate gaming experience! The goddess is so beautiful and powerful, looking forward to fighting side by side with you; Xia Yike, the well-known CV of Warcraft, joins the team and transforms into a goddess to accompany you all the way. There are also gorgeous and cool special skills and rich and diverse dungeon battlefields. Detailed characterization of the Honkai Impact Level 3 goddess.

5-Fingertip strategic micro-management, smooth experience
Automatically hang up? No, manual operation is amazing! The game adds a micro-management system to give you a more refreshing combat experience. Exclusive Special Moves In battle, each hero has an exclusive special move. You need to manually specify the target to release. Touch the screen and drag the range to attack. Touch the screen and drag the target within the specified range to release the skill to the target. The operation is simple and equipped. The operation must be strategic, and it is more strategic than Legend of Sword and Fairy and Young Three Kingdoms.

The latest version of is a card battle mobile game based on the Western magical world. In the game, you can collect various goddesses to fight. The game graphics are very exquisite, and there are various gorgeous skills that will let you Easily kill everyone in an instant. Interested players can quickly download and experience it!
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