A beautiful girl RPG game where you can master timing and techniques to free a polluted beautiful girl!


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Nov 21, 2023
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誓約少女 GAME

Beautiful girls full of transparency
I await your command!

■ Story
Meihai - A dangerous singular space where countless residual thoughts gather and try to erode everything.
Those who were once rulers of the seven seas may only reminisce about their former glory here, and those who could not escape their fate of defeat may become new heroes to hold back the raging waves.

It is the mission of BAMSTEC, the Meikai countermeasure organization, to seal such Meikai and protect the Blue Sphere civilization from its threat.

For some reason, an apprentice commander who has just graduated from training school is assigned to a base on the front lines of BAMSTEC.
Will the rookie commander, the main character, be able to take on the heavy duty to counter Meikai? ?

■ Character
A historical battleship appears as a beautiful girl with a rich personality
All characters are equipped with Live2D
You can bond with beautiful characters

■ Battle
Strategy RPG full of replay elements
Raid bosses, cooperative battles, base defense battles, collection of beautiful girls, and more!
I'm looking forward to fighting with my Union friends

Earn experience points even when you're offline
Give gifts and deepen your feelings with Senki

■ Gorgeous voice actors
Marina Inoue, Eri Kitamura, Miyuki Sato, Yu Serizawa, Rie Takahashi, etc...

■ Recommended for people like this
Working people who don't have time to play
Those who want to get stronger every day
Those who like "beautiful girl games"
Those who like games that can be played with one hand
◆ App price
App body: Basic play free
*Some paid items are available

◆Recommended OS
Android 6.0 or higher, ROM 10G or higher, memory (RAM) 2GB or higher terminal

◆Contact us
Email: og@oath-games.com
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