Breaking the shackles of traditional cards, there is no limit on quality or rarity. All heroes can awaken to the highest collection level, a unique heroes without class concept design. One-click lossless swap of generals, flexible matching across camps, enable bond connection, and experience the fun of matching.


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Oct 31, 2023
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超能覺醒 GAME

The famous virtual game city "Lost Paradise" in the future world is a paradise specially built for the rich. Technology has changed the world. Artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cyberspace have created this fantasy land hidden under the neon lights. The four most important forces in "Paradise Lost" are the "Yeguang Club", "Hundred Ghost Night Parade", "Sen Luo Wanxiang" and "Bliss Pure Land". They carve up most of the city's resources. However, aristocratic players with special skills and huge sums of money have infiltrated the upper echelons of these forces and hold even higher power than in the real world.
This virtual city is like a model of social experiment, showing a world full of conflict and chaos under the arbitrary actions of the powerful.
Finally, the rebels appeared. They were the Terminators from the real world and the martyrs from the virtual world. They pursued the truth about the loss of control of "Paradise Lost" and started to resist the totalizers. The conflict between forces, the conflict between virtuality and reality, gradually surfaced...

Game features:
[One piece exchanges generals, develops inheritance]
There is no need to worry about repeatedly cultivating heroes, hero switching, level equipment upgrades and other development resources are perfectly inherited. Easily match a variety of lineups and play with the full hero card pool.

[No waste cards, everyone can collect them]
Breaking the level restrictions, all heroes can awaken to the collection realm. Fair training system, select your favorite hero and dominate the battlefield.

[Flexible matching of different camps]
Breaking through camp boundaries, diversifying hero bonds, boasting that camps can be freely matched and combined. Players are encouraged to win on the battlefield based on the hero's skill effects and positioning!

[Beautiful pictures and pleasant sound effects]
The game uses cutting-edge graphics and sound effects technology to present gorgeous pictures and realistic sound effects, giving you unparalleled audio-visual enjoyment. Every skill release is amazing. You will be immersed in this virtual city and feel the charm of supernatural powers.

[Organization of the Corps to create brilliance together]
Join the corps, work together, fight the corps BOSS, complete the corps trial and auction for dividends, and get a lot of diamonds for free; with the unique corps battle gameplay, join hands with the corps members to dominate the world and become the strongest!

[Multiple gameplay, various adventures]
Many unique gameplays such as the Wailing Mine, Lost Realm, Desperate Canyon, and team bounties are waiting for you to challenge. Diamonds, development resources, cores, hero badges, and different gameplays have different and generous rewards waiting for you. Come and join the adventure. Challenge your limits in all aspects and win massive gifts.
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