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Mar 17, 2023

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陰の実力者になりたくて!マスターオブガーデン GAME

▼ 2 Challenging Storylines
Anime stories are updated after weekly weekly updates with anime cuts x3D models x full voices!
Unique psychological expressions that you could not draw in anime can be recreated with voices!
Whether you are a fan of novels, anime fans, or you haven't seen them all, you'll enjoy the story with Kagemas!
The original story, "The Seven Shadows", and event scenarios are completely supervised by the original teacher, Daiyo Alasawa.
Only Kagemas can read the two years of the seven shadows that leave the shadows!

▼ Animetic 3D Battles
Animetic battles with high quality graphics!

▼ Seven shadows + shadows full of power!
We also have Alexa and Iris sister tags, Rose x Alexia x Beta! ? Any party
Only see games with certain combinations! Find it and share it on social media or video websites!

▼ When the combo gauge accumulates, unleash the strike combo!
The combo system has different effects according to the organized characters and the order in which you choose!
Find the best solution from a huge variety of combinations!
Defeat all the familiar bosses from the original classic and enjoy the behind-the-scenes play!

▼ Interact with your favorite children only by 2 people
Talk to that child you care about and develop a friendship!
Oddly enough, only you can see it, but only you can!

▼ "I want to be a powerful shadow! From the show
Shido/Shadow (CV: Seichiro Mountainta)
Alexia Midgar (CV: Kana Hanaawa)
Alpha (CV: Masami Seto)
Beta (CV: Minakan)
Gamma (CV: Sushi Forest)
Delta (CV: Files)
Ipsilon (CV: Hisako Kim)
ZETA (CV: Ayaka Asai)
Eater (CV: Reina Kudo)
Iris Midgard (CV: Youko Higasa)
Claire Cageno (CV: Hidaka Rina)
Rose Oriana (CV: Haruka Sashishi)
Cherry's Barnet (CV: Saya Aisawa)
New (CV: Maue Uchida)
Zenon (CV: Masaya Takashi)
Orba (CV: Powerya Ohill)
Ruslan Barnet (CV: setaga)

▼ The main song
Song Song: hotaru
Music composed by: Tom-H@ck
Arranged by KanadeYUK

▼ Background music
Basis Cape
┗ Highlights: ELDEN RING, Disidia Final Fantasy, etc.

▼ "I want to be a powerful shadow! Animation Staff 
Original by Daisy Arasawa
Original draft: east and west
Director: Kazuya Nakanishi
┗ Highlights: Granbelm & Darwins Game
Character design: Makoto Iino
┗ Masterpiece "Devil King, Retry!" "For example, a story of a boy in the village before the Last Dungeon living in the beginning city."
Animation Production: Nexus
┗ Highlights: Granbelm & Darwins Game
Craft: Shadow Garden

▼ Relevant information
・"I want to be a shadow master! ‘Official discord to love

・Official Twitter

-Official site

▼ Recommended for:
・"I want to be a shadow master! "
・I'm planning to rebirth another world
・Want to enjoy hidden shadow play
・Want to face the evils and intrigues that cover the world
・Like anime, light novels, and comics (comic)
・Want to interact with the cutest girl
・Want to enjoy each other
・Like RPG
・Are looking for a free game
・Want to play a game of a popular anime

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▼ Recommended Environment
Android 9.0 or higher
RAM 6GB or higher

App: Free
※ There are some paid items.
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