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Dec 7, 2023
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Fliggy Double 11 Travel Carnival, 0 yuan grab free order, 600 million yuan red envelope
Flying Pig Travel-Enjoy the big difference!

Fliggy Travel is a travel brand under the Alibaba Group. It provides air tickets, hotels, train tickets, bus tickets, attraction tickets, car use, weekend trips, group tours, free travel, self-driving tours, cruises, travel and vacation products for you to choose! Selected guides and travel insurance are designed to provide you with preferential, convenient and cost-effective travel services.
[exciting activities]
1. Tickets for the "Summer Promotion" popular attractions start at 1 yuan, another 1999 yuan flying pig red envelope, and 1,000 yuan air ticket red envelope for free;
2. "Newcomer Gift Pack" download the Fliggy Travel App for the first time, and enjoy the Fliggy Travel Gift Pack;
3. "Special air ticket" every Thursday welfare day as low as 20% off, 1 yuan fly the world;
4 50% off stay in "special hotel" five-star hotels;
5. "Fliggy Membership Day" members can directly peer into five-star hotels at home and abroad, as well as the silver, gold and platinum cards of major domestic hotel groups, and enjoy all the membership rights of this level;
6. "Fliggy Sale" high cost-effective travel products on the whole network, waiting for you every day;

[special service]
1. "Good Places Around", "First Stop in the World", share travel experiences and discover more wonderful things;
2. Enjoy the "Fly with confidence" service of advance compensation, airline standard refund and change service;
3. Exclusive use of "Credit Stay" hotels, free of deposit, room inspection, and queue;
4. Check the global popular "destination" strategy at any time, master travel guides, travel notes, attractions, food, and shopping;
5. "Get Miles" is used as money, and good goods are exchanged continuously.
Main products and services:
[Air tickets]
-With full service from major airline flagship stores and high-quality agents;
-The ticket price is transparent, the service is guaranteed, and refunds and changes are made in accordance with airline standards;
-Online seat selection for mobile check-in, timely reminders at low prices, and real-time flight status inquiries.
-Massive hotel room type photos and comments from real guests;
-Support cash back, the first order of "Credit Living" can enjoy the big red envelope discount.
[Train Ticket]
-Speed ​​cloud ticket grabbing, support for booking tickets, real-time missing tickets, VIP grab tickets;
-Support real-time query, ticket replacement, online refund and change;
-There are various ticket types, including adult tickets, student tickets, and child tickets;
[Bus ticket]
-Quick ticket purchase with zero handling fee, covering the whole country for departure at any time, online ticket refund is guaranteed.
-Ticket issuance guarantee and admission guarantee: The seller cannot enter the park normally at the order price due to the seller's reason, the seller will refund and pay 30% of the transaction amount.
-Price comparison does not have to go to the west: nearly 2,000 merchants are at your disposal; thousands of scenic spots are directly connected, and discounts are reduced to the end;
-Enjoy a free reservation with Sesame Credit, play first and pay later for the new experience of "Future Scenic Spot";
-"Good Places Around", to give you suggestions for your weekend play, the wonderful weekend, all in your grasp;
-"Quality Tour with Group Tour" provides you with quality tour with tour groups to popular destinations at home and abroad, allowing you to see the world at ease!
-Guides to popular destinations around the world, including travel guides, travel notes, attractions, food, and shopping, all in the destination channel.
-Find travel inspiration, discover new ways to travel, and help you find travel products worth buying;
-Read travel notes, check tips, send companions, check your travel experience in the "square", and participate in travel topic discussions.
-Route planning is easy to get, no need to worry about itinerary;
-Centralized management of machine wine train tickets, providing online check-in, refund and change, taxi and other services.
-Get the mileage at will: place an order to return the mileage, sign-in to receive the mileage, and participate in the event to get the mileage;
-Miles as money: red envelopes, mobile phone flow, cash, good value in seconds, more exciting just for you.
Customer Service Phone: 400-1688-688
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