King of 餃_⼦ is the official app. You can check the deals coupons and campaign information at any time.


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Feb 19, 2023
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餃子の王将公式アプリ APP

This is the official app of "Gyoza no Ohsho".
You can check discount coupons and campaign information at any time.

≪App coupons are being delivered! ≫
* Membership registration is required to use the coupon.
◆ New function added ◆
Gyoza Club Customer Appreciation Campaign Stamp card function has been added.
By presenting the app at the time of payment, you can store stamps on the stamp card in the app.
* Membership registration is required to use the stamp card function.
A stamp card will be added to the coupon and Gyoza Club membership card, and if you have the official app and wallet when you come to the store, you will be cardless!

≪Introduction of functions≫
1. Collect stamps!
By presenting the barcode of the app membership card at the time of payment, stamps will be automatically accumulated in the app.
Now you won't forget or lose your stamp card!
* "App membership card" refers to the app membership card without discount and the membership card of "Gyoza Club" 5% and 7% discount that was imported into the app.

2. Register your membership card!
You can register your Gyoza Club membership card in the app!
Furthermore, if you collect stamps in the app, you will be completely cardless!
* Gyoza Club members can join the customer appreciation campaign.

3. Get a great coupon!
For example, we regularly distribute app-only coupons such as free tickets for one person for two or more dumplings and 100 yen discount coupons for take-out.
* Coupon contents vary depending on the season.

4. Check out the latest information on each of the "Gyoza no Ohsho" and "GYOZA OHSHO" stores!
You can always check the deals, fair information, etc. from the store.

5. You will receive store-limited deals from your "favorite" stores!
If you "register" the store you are interested in, you may receive special deals limited to the store.

6. Equipped with various convenient functions!
You can quickly access the information you want to know, such as menu information and store search. We plan to add more convenient functions in the future.
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