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【クロスワード 無料版】
広告が気になる方こちらをご利用下さい。【17種勉強 / 8種雑学 全25種クロスワード 一覧】
受験対策 高校地理クロスワード無料問題集/印刷可能高校地理範囲のクロスワードパズルゲーム![大学受験/勉強用]出題範囲:[地理]
[センター試験] 高校地理クロスワード 無料勉強アプリ
3種類のレベルがあります。・初級レベル = 4×4~5×5 = 100問・中級レベル = 6×6~7×7 = 150問・上級レベル = 8×8~9×9 = 150問全て回答出来たら、天才だっ!


日本最大級クロスワード無料サイト!現在公開中クロスワード無料/有料アプリゲーム 一覧

( http://crossword-app.com/ )
<更新・公開情報を配信させて頂いております>Japanese study crossword puzzle[Crossword free version]
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com. Crossword.GeoCenter1Paid version is advertising a non-display version.
Please use here who the ad is a concern.[17 kinds study / eight trivia all 25 species crossword List]
https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Tony%26Lily < / a>Center exam! Carry high school geography study app game!
Biological crossword puzzle! Learning / memorization word 650 included!Problem Difficulty: ultra-difficult
It has been created at a level that can not be correct answer all the questions.[Check the cross word problem in WEB ↓↓]
exam measures high school geography crossword freecollection of problems / printableHigh school geography range of crossword puzzle game! [College entrance examination / study for]Questions range: [Geography]
[Map-projection] [topographic map Dokuzu] [regional survey] [national] [ethnic] [terrain] [climate] [water] [natural disasters] [environmental issues] [regional development] [agriculture] [forestry][water industry ] [energy resources] [industry] [trade] [investment] [international aid] [city] [village] [life action] [traffic] [communications] [East Asia] [Southeast Asia] [South Asia] [WestAsia] [ North Africa] [South Africa] [Europe] [former Soviet Union] [Anglo-American] [Latin America] [Oceania] [Japan] [other areas]Geography of the range you learned in junior high school - high school exam in the crossword puzzle game!
You can check learning / study measures and academic achievement in a little time.
Issue the total number 400 questions! Problem content is confirmed by WEB site, you can also play.[IPhone version]
[Centertest] high school geography crossword Free study app
It is also ideal for re-confirmation of the college entrance examination measures and academic achievement.
High School: It is likely to be enjoyed as a geography game.
[How to play this crossword]
There are three types of levels.- Beginner level = 4 × 4 ~ 5 × 5 = 100 questionsIntermediate level = 6 × 6 ~ 7 × 7 = 150 questionsAnd advanced level = 8 × 8 ~ 9 × 9 = 150 questionsAfter all be able to answer, it was a genius!
- A matter of choice
Have problems at the top depending on the selected mass.
If the vertical issues and next to the problem are overlapped, switches and twice to touch.
The problem is you can choose when you touch the problem itself.

* Select the problem will jump to the mass to be input.Of-issue right or wrong
And wrong in black and correct character enters a red character.
* When you do not know is there is also to input all of the characters.• Input switch
There is a setting button on the keyboard.
You can switch the barrage input and flick input to tap there.· Forward button
One to continue the mass when you tap.·back button
While deleted when you tap, it returns 1 trout.
* If you press the keyboard input trout there is no state, there is a need to go back.Clear button
All clear the input character for a single cross word that is currently input and tap.And scoring button
When you tap to return to the issue selection screen, and then the corresponding to "Felix" is depending on the score.
And scoring clear
It clears the all issues that have come up on the screen.And Response List
You can see the answer.- One subject all sticks and clear "done" mark.
There is a manual on the main screen.
I think a more intuitive method of operation is known.crossword app / websiteNow the cross word problem content to be able to see from the site.

Also is a free PDF output (problem / solution set) can / printing.

Japan's largest crossword free site!Currently published in crossword free / paid apps game list

https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Tony%26Lily < / a>
- Please check the app Terms of Use.
This game at the time of the downloaded, customers "providing source: Tony & Lily" game Terms you shall be deemed to have agreed to the.[Crossword app Terms of Use]
http://crossword-app.com/?p=208If you have any trouble, problem fixes, etc. of the system, we would appreciate your report.
As long as we will quickly allowed to correspond as possible.From the website? Please contact hope of development completion
We will register me e-mail address.
Japanese study crossword puzzle

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