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Jun 28, 2022
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魔導少年:力量覺醒 GAME

The good memories of childhood are now continuing! 2022 The most anticipated Kodansha authorized RPG "Magic Boy: Power Awakening" is based on the popular animation "Magic Boy", which perfectly restores the classic plot of the original animation! Gathering energy to cast the ultimate mystery, there is no distance for power awakening; rich partner collection, ultra-high freedom to create the strongest team; offline hang-up income, life and combat power are all in one go. Complete the novice tasks and get up to 200 consecutive draws! Come and gather familiar Natsu, Lucy and other Fairy Tail partners, and awaken the power of your dreams in the magical world of magic!

[Genuine authorization perfect restoration]
The pursuit of perfect restoration is our insistence!
Highly praised by Kodansha, Japan, 100% perfect restoration of the original animation of "Magic Boy"
Take you to relive every moment of blood boiling

【Dream Awakening 200 Draws】
If you can see it but you can't get it, I hope you can quench your thirst and get it all OUT!
Sweeping all game products on the market, giving you the most arrogant and enthusiastic welfare draws
Complete novice tasks and get 200 consecutive draws, regardless of Africa and Europe

【Cultivation and inheritance, ever-changing collocation】
Reject the waste of resources, and all the hard work can get rewards!
Click "Replace" to inherit and develop resources, and the lineup will be more varied
Super high free lineup deployment, strategy to build your strongest team

【Easy to protect the liver and place benefits】
Whether at work, class or during breaks, the combat power will never be disconnected
Super perfect on-hook function, let you live and play both games
The combat power soars easily and rapidly, and the backpack is full of rich gold coins and equipment

【Leisure gameplay is full of fun】
To be a mature adult, passion and leisure, all are required!
Familiar anime characters, assemble guilds, adventures, and encyclopedias to fight all kinds of interesting gameplay
Gather your energy to cast the ultimate meaning, draw talismans and eat fish to enjoy relaxation after adventure

Dream Awakening RPG adventure mobile game "Magic Boy: Force Awakens" to awaken the power of your dreams!

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1. This software is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method because it involves violence.
2. This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as the purchase of virtual game coins and items.
3. The plot of the game is purely fictitious, please pay attention to the game time to avoid addiction.
4. Some content must be paid for separately. Do not use others to store it to avoid breaking the law.
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