Savings, deposit collected, the six financial loan calculator you just need any calculation.


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May 26, 2023

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Hi. Financial calculator collection.

A collection of financial calculators is a collection of financial calculators that are essential in real life.

The Financial Calculator Suite provides a total of six calculators and performs the following functions.

1. Collecting the target amount (making money)
- Calculate the time period for collecting the target amount with savings or deposits.

2. Deposits / savings accounts
- Calculate the interest, pre-tax interest, after-tax interest, and maturity payments for savings or deposits.
(General, tax exemption, tax preference applicable)

3. Loan Interest Calculation
- Calculate the amount of the repayment, repayment, interest, and balance for the relevant loan on a monthly basis.
(Principal repayment, Principal repayment, Principal repayment upon maturity)

4. Future Value Calculation
- Converts current currencies to future monetary values ​​based on inflation.

5. Past value calculation
- Converts current currencies to past monetary values ​​due to inflation.

6. Percentage calculation
- Calculate the percent (%) discount rate on the principal.
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