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May 30, 2024
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1. Make your favorite tab as the first screen.
You may have felt inconvenience because your favorite tab is at the end of the tab bar. Now you can edit the order of tabs to your liking.
Tab the Edit Home button in the side menu and edit the order of the tabs so that your favorite tab can be in Tab 1.

2. Select the layout of the News tab.
You can select the layout of the News tab by clicking the Latest button to see news updates, the Personalized button to continue to receive news that you're interested in, or the Avid button to see news that are read by many people in depth.

3. Customize news sources.
You can read real-time news updates edited directly by news sources. You can also subscribe to your favorite news sources and hide news sources that you don't want to see using the "Hide" feature.

4. Meet the new video Shorts.
Daum has developed the new video Shorts service, Today's Shorts (beta), to provide current issues and trend in a short vertical video format.

5. Browse the Internet and watch a video at the same time using the Daum app video player.
Sometimes you need to search something on the Internet while watching a video. Now the Daum app video player offers the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode so that you can search the Internet while watching a video.

6. Identify flowers by picture.
When you want to know the name of a flower that you pass by, turn on the Daum app. Tab "Flower Search" and take a picture of the flower, and Daum will find the flower's name and information for you.
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