There is no charge for prepaid cards, and transportation discounts for postpaid cards are the same! Use mobile T-money to conveniently use transportation without a card.


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Sep 13, 2023
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◆ What is Mobile T-money?
◇ This is a service that uses Android mobile phones and SIM cards that support NFC as T-money.
◇ Payment is done by tagging the back of the phone to the terminal without turning on the APP or screen!
◇ There is also a more convenient tagless payment that allows you to pay just by passing without a tag!
◇ Charging is possible at offline charging stations and APPs such as subways and convenience stores like T-money cards!

◆ Charging is more convenient with Mobile T-money.
◇ Rechargeable
- Automatic charging setting is also OK by pre-charging as much as you want to use!
-Various charging methods such as credit/debit card, simple remittance (Toss, Kakao Pay), mobile phone micropayment, account transfer, gift certificate OK!
◇ Deferred Payment
- The amount used is automatically charged every day and the balance is restored, so there is no need to recharge each time.
- Credit card: The amount used is added to the credit card charge once a month and charged.
Check card: The amount used is withdrawn from the linked account on the date specified by the card company.
- The same discount benefits are provided when registering and using a credit card with public transportation discounts on Mobile T-money.

◆ Payment is over when you pass by! Open tagless service
- Try the touchless payment service!
- Available on Seoul Light Rail Ui Sinseol Line.

◆ T-money card fits into mobile T-money!
◇ Balance Transfer: Transfer your T-money card balance to the APP and use it conveniently!
◇ Balance inquiry: You can check the balance on the APP by tagging your T-money card on the back of your phone!
◇ Recharge: You can recharge your T-money card on the APP!

◆ Pay Money that can be paid anywhere
- Samsung Pay payment at all credit card merchants (available on Samsung Pay supported mobile phones)
- QR payment in Seoul taxi
-Payment at T-money family apps (Express Bus T-money, T-money GO, T-money onda)
- Overseas QR payment at overseas merchants in 42 countries that support UnionPay QR payment
- Online payment at some online merchants

◆ Seoul Love Gift Certificate Official App Mobile T-money
- You can make a quick purchase when registering for a pre-account

◆ T-money Biz Pay that does not require a corporate card or receipt
-Conveniently pay with the limit of T-money Biz Pay without a corporate card.
- There is no need to submit separate evidence such as receipts.
- You can pay after boarding a passing taxi as well as the 'T-money onda' taxi called through the taxi call menu.
- Payment can be made when reserving tickets in the 'Express Bus T-money' App.

◆ Don't miss the various features of Mobile T-money!
◇ Real-time usage history inquiry: Current balance, recent usage history, monthly usage history for the last 3 months can be checked
◇ T-mileage accrual: using public transportation, participating in events, shopping, etc.
(Can be deducted when charging with T-money or billing discount for the amount used)
◇ T-money/Pay-money gift: You can exchange T-money/Pay-money balances with each other.

◆ There are so many merchants using Mobile T-money!
◇ Transportation: Bus, subway, taxi, express bus, intercity bus, train (railway)
◇ Distribution: Convenience stores, large marts, cafes, bakeries, fast food, school meals, etc.
◇ Online: games, shopping, content, delivery, books, gift certificates
◇ Check the merchants on the homepage (!

◆ APP Permission Guide
◇ Required Permissions
-Phone: access when signing up, charging/payment, customer center connection
-Address Book: Access when registering/login/accumulating T-mileage account information and gifting
◇ Optional authority
-Camera: Access when registering a card and scanning a QR code
-Location: Biz Pay, access when using tagless payment
-Bluetooth: Access when using tagless payment

※ If the carrier of the mobile phone and USIM is different, service use may be restricted according to the carrier's policy.
※ Customer Center ☎1644-0088 (consultation hours: weekdays 09:00-18:00, excluding weekends/holidays)
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