Oh Gazprom to seomran Kagura returned to the stand-alone game! Rush unstoppable flurry of girls do not go unfolds! Lovely girl pleasure left RPG!


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Jul 18, 2019

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섬란카구라 폭유질주 GAME

■■ ■■ Game features

RPG ◆ ◆ girl left hwalgeuk
The absolute and overwhelming quality of the content!
The charm of the girls finally came absolute and ultimate!
Customize characters in motion graphics and spectacular action-density!
The existing type of neglect is not level the gap left RPG type the other hand the rest!

◆ seomran Roulette sum-body! ◆
Who would've had imagined!
Gorgeous pink traditional meeting of the roulette game machine seomran with a long history!
Even if you do not bother trying to go I did not want to win the attractive card?

◆ Auto Play ◆ operation is unnecessary
The transformation you need to do is to select your character and enemy monsters to battle automatically !!!
The number of different items from knocking down enemy monsters learn !!!

◆ ◆ Visual-filled attractions
Amiable I did not want to see the girls move like?
Realistic animation like, please go win a living illustration!
Get the sexy character illustration card, eye candy and also strengthen abilities!

◆ ◆ Premium illustrated card collection
Best girls waving a dynamic Photogenic Festival!
Popping appeared various undisclosed cards potentiometer attractive than traditional public card
Character stats rise, brilliant directing skill cards, character cards Costume
There are a variety of cards to entertain stimulate the senses awaits you.
A collector of rare cards in the library hyanghyeon I want to put on chest
Simkung one soul georinda twitching now!

◆ ◆ Growth System
Make more strong and level-up girls with endless rebirth and transcendence.
Breaking the enemy fearsome bosses in card acquisition and growth through Pachinko
With girls, you can go up even more distant.

◆ to break through the limitations pumping adoring touch! ◆ eleven Dungeon
When the batter character in the mini-game? !! Even shameful, and glad too!?
As it seems to touch the nose broke one step more lively attention to her
Closer! It is not even blink of battering a gesture of the goddess rejected
Bit burned rises increasingly fast and intense

◆ ◆ official community sprint seomran Kagura breasts
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