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Feb 4, 2024
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세컨블록 - 모두의 메타버스 APP

New characters from everyone's metaverse second block
Experience a different world with blocks!

In all likelihood, closer.
second block

[ALL NEW My Block]
You can meet “My Block”, a space just for me, with three-dimensional and various themes!
Display your favorite clothes, books, movies, and NFTs in the new My Block and invite your friends.
You can create private private blocks, password blocks that only certain friends can invite, and even blocks for everyone.

[Block Follow]
Have you found a block you want to emulate and emulate?
If you find a block you like, follow it and stay informed.
You can follow and communicate with friends' blocks or community blocks that you decorate with others!

[Pixel Sensibility Character]
Choose your own character that adds sophistication to pixel sensibility.
Through characters, you can meet and work with various people in Second Block.

Make the block title a #hashtag so that people can find it easily.
You can make a title by collecting keywords that can show the concept and characteristics of your block!
#Like this #create #up to #5 titles

[Convenient on-tact function]
Try sharing ordinary materials in a more creative and special way through objects such as whiteboards and TVs.
If you want to have a conversation, video chatting through media equipment, chatting with other users, and 1:1 whispering are also possible.
From small gatherings with people you want to see, working from home, non-face-to-face classes, lectures, exhibitions, and concerts, try it at Second Block!

The moment you enter the block,
Experience an endlessly expanding and newly unfolding world of possibilities

So that everyone can be close to all possibilities.
Everyone's metaverse.

second block


[Information on optional access rights]

The 2ndblock app requests selective access for the following reasons.
You can use the app even if you do not allow permission requests,
Some features that require access are unavailable.

Camera: Video transmission within the block by taking pictures and camera shooting
Microphone: Recording and voice chat when video chatting with other users
Photos/Media/Files: Upload photos and save captured photos to the device.
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