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Feb 20, 2024
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신한 슈퍼SOL - 신한 유니버설 금융 앱 APP

Shinhan's group companies will gather in one place to create ideal finance.

▶ Super Coverage
You can use the core functions of five companies, Shinhan Bank, card, securities, insurance, and savings bank, in one app.

[Transfer] Account management at Shinhan SOL Bank level,
Use it conveniently with the same transfer limit
[Payment] Any Shinhan credit/check card customer,
Online/offline payment possible
[Stocks] Newly installed simple investment UX
Make trading easier
[Insurance] Digital insurance subscription/inquiry
Everything, including insurance claims, is possible.
[Loan] Various loan products from 5 group companies,
Providing the optimal solution at once
One-click integrated loan

▶ Super Combination
: Complex menus that were scattered all over the place can be seen at a glance in Super SOL.

[Integrated main] Completed on the first screen
Bank/card/securities/insurance inquiry and
One-click remittance and payment function
[Integrated Search] Ask anything
Products, services, events, FAQs
Financial guides on YouTube and more!
[Integrated Notice] All financial transactions/information of Shinhan
Receive notification messages at once

▶ Super SOLUtion
: Providing total solutions according to customer needs and life style

[One-click integrated loan] & [One-click integrated investment]

Vertical financial service that collects products/services from various financial companies at once to solve customers’ deep concerns,
Shinhan’s ‘One-Click Integration’ series will continue to develop, so please look forward to it.

▶ Super Membership
: Various point collection missions that you can participate in daily/weekly

SOL membership (formerly Shinhan Plus membership), which collects the core benefits of Shinhan Group companies, is basic!
From stamp coupons that are downloaded by over 1 million people every year, to newly introduced fun competitive missions and challenges, participate and receive more.

[Stock League] 3 items of my choice every week
Mock return competition!
[Balance Game] A vs B,
If you are in the majority, you win!
[Character] ‘Sol, Molly, Flea, Ray..’
Choose a cute Shinhan Friends character and participate in the mission!

Please visit often with fun missions, not app tech that is like homework.

▶ Super Universe

‘Gathered together’
So that anyone can experience it easily and naturally.
Shinhan Super SOL is neither a banking app nor a card app. From the main screen, banks/cards/securities/insurance are integrated and arranged into one.
You can mix frequently used functions into your own favorites.

‘Divided separately’
Sometimes it is easier to watch it separately. There are mini branches of banking/cards/securities/insurance, so there is no need to change the methods I am used to. Everything from inquiry/execution/recommendation/product subscription is possible in the mini branch.

‘Continued without interruption’
Shinhan Super SOL was created with a focus on features that customers frequently use and have a high daily market share. Don't worry, if you occasionally encounter a missing feature, you will be moved directly to the Shinhan SOL Bank/Pay/Securities/Life app without logging in through the integrated login method.


- Consultation connection, identity verification, and device verification

*Required access permission is required for Shinhan Super SOL service, and if permission is denied, it may not operate properly.

(Optional) Storage space
- Save files needed to run the app

(Optional) Camera
- Required documents, photo ID for non-face-to-face real name verification

(Optional) Address book
- Transfer contact information, send text messages after transfer, use event sharing and gifting services

- Receive notification messages such as card usage notifications and events

(Optional) Save image
- Use the receipt image saving function

(Optional) Physical activity
- 10,000 step walking motion recognition

*You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights, but use of some services may be restricted.
*The permissions you set can be changed in the [Settings>Application>Shinhan Super SOL>Permissions] menu.
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