New version ‘Beyond the Mind’ update! New SSR hero ‘Valentin’, Empress of the Sea, appears! New limited event ‘Beyond the Heart’ opens!


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Apr 10, 2024
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아르케랜드 GAME

New version ‘Beyond the Mind’ update! New SSR hero ‘Valentin’, Empress of the Sea, appears! New limited event ‘Beyond the Heart’ opens! Are you ready to join us on our journey to salvation? For more updates, experience them for yourself at Arque Land!

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◆Game Features◆
‘Arke Land’ is the next SRPG developed by Zrung Game, following ‘Langrisser’.

‘A girl’s prayer, the queen’s miracle’
In celestial year 985, the princess of Pharos, , who was sentenced to death at birth, begins a risky adventure to protect the White Dragon clan against the empire alone.

You are a ‘stranger’ who was accidentally awakened from sleep by Abia.
By adventuring and fighting together, you must find the lost memories through Avia, who is reborn as queen.

▶ Terrain, attributes and strategy! Authentic SRPG ◀
An authentic SRPG where you compete with strategy by taking into account the contrast between terrain, attributes, and job positioning!
Enjoy Archeland's newly added SRPG battle system, including first attack, evasion, chase, and coordinated attack. 20 terrain elements, including trap and device design, and 30 play modes, including surprise battles and defensive battles!
Find hidden gateways and treasures across a vast world, and unlock terrain and modes.

▶ Full screen ultimate! Powerful skill effects! ◀
Experience console-quality 3D animated graphics on mobile!
Experience Archeland's wonderful adventure moments on a fantasy continent expressed in cartoon-rendered 3D and defeat the giant boss with a powerful full-screen ultimate!

▶ An animated movie-level touching story ◀
Over 50 scenario cut scenes, main story, and extensive side quests. Enjoy the special charms of the six great nations with Abia, uncover the empire's ambitions and intrigues, and begin a journey to defy the fate of the despairing princess!
Korea's top voice actors, including Kim Haru and Lee Myung-ho, who dubbed famous works such as 'Naruto' and 'Bleach', are here!
Even mobile games provide an experience like watching an animated movie.

▶ Real-time PVP where you compete with strategy ◀
Real-time PVP that you can't miss even a moment! Compete against real players!
Challenge yourself and win in extreme turn-based strategy/brain battles that passion alone cannot win!

▶ Unpredictable multiple endings through character and interaction! ◀
We have prepared extensive sub-quests linked to the characters’ past lives and current stories!
You can build friendships with your favorite characters through conversations at the campground.
No one can predict the end of the story, which changes depending on your choices!

▶ Soundtrack by music giant ‘Yoko Shimomura’ ◀
Collaboration with Yoko Shimomura, who composed the soundtracks for ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Legend of Mana’!
Various musicians and teams from Korea, China, and Japan came together to mix various elements from symphonic music to electronic music and rock.
Experience Archeland’s unique Japanese fantasy sound!

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