Discount when buying, a good gift card gift shop that earns points when you use it, daily discounts from 119 domestic brands


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Apr 24, 2024
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[My second gift, Daily Cafe]
Get a discount when gifting a gifticon and earn points when you use it!

- This is the official gifticon gift shop of KakaoTalk gift coupon company “Happy Co., Ltd.”
- Daily gifticon ~18% discount, 119 domestic brands always on sale
- You can give as a gift through KakaoTalk, and points are accumulated every time you use a coupon!
- Even if you get a discount, you can extend the expiration date and cancel the order through the app!
- Click Near Me to immediately view nearby discount coupons and store information!
- You can also write pretty cards when sending gifts!
- No used coupons! This is the official app of a professional coupon company, so there are no fees.

▶ Lowest price discount with coupons for over 119 domestic brands
GS25 convenience store, Ediya Coffee, Twosome Place, Goobne Chicken, etc.
Coupons for 2,000 popular domestic brands up to 18% off!
From convenience stores to coffee chicken bakeries
Start now with a smart coupon life that reduces your card value.

▶ Points accumulate when you use mobile coupons
When you use a purchased (gifted) coupon, points automatically accumulate.
Points can be used immediately like cash!
It's a money-making app that gets paid back even if you give it as a gift.

▶ Validity period extension, refund conveniently through the app
Receive notification of expiration of the validity period and freely extend the coupon.
Even if you purchase with a discount, all purchases are refundable.
It is safer and more convenient than using coupons.

▶ You can also give it as a gift through KakaoTalk.
With the card I wrote on KakaoTalk
You can send gifts.

▶ Anniversary management is basic, choose a gift too!
I leave the anniversary management to Ilka.
Don't worry too much about choosing a gift.
Give your friend something they like as a gift from Ilka.

▶ When wondering where to go, my surroundings
If you click Near Me, you can see nearby discount coupons at a glance.
If you click Near Me, you can see popular restaurants nearby at a glance.
One kill at Cafe Bakery, Chicken Pizza/Burger, Convenience Store Hot Place, etc.!

▶ When you leave home, Ilka Sudaway
Who left behind what stories here and now?
I talk with my friends when I come and go.

▶ A sensible gift, my popularity soaring
Gifts with various themes, cards that add laughter to the quality of the gift.
I can't handle the skyrocketing popularity.

▷ Information on app access permissions

1) Required access rights
- Phone: Verify phone number subscription and confirm member identification information
-Save, Camera: Save mobile coupon image and attach photo for writing
- Address book: Check contact information when giving a gift
- Notification: Provides notification of order and gift details and coupon expiration date

2) Selected access rights
- Location information: Providing discount coupons and store information services around me

You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.

▷ Developer contact information (Daily Cafe Customer Center): 1661-8191
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