※ Julchat is a cost-effective national chatting app for beginning love.


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Nov 29, 2023

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즐챗 - 인연을 위한 채팅 커뮤니티앱 APP

※ Julchat has 1 million active members, and 40,000 to 50,000 members communicate through messages or chat every day.

※ Julchat does not have a high subscription fee like marriage information apps operated by marriage information companies.

※ Julchat does not have a complicated sign-up process like dating apps or blind date apps. Additionally, it is not a passive chat app that allows you to express your likes (likes) only to the profiles of a few people of the opposite sex provided every day by companies that run dating apps or blind date apps.

※ Enjoy unlimited communication between members through messages or chatting, regardless of the number of times. The cost of expressing your intention by sending a message to the other person is only 90 won per time. Even with this cost, if the other person agrees and a chat room is opened, you can communicate through free chat.

※ Julchat is a chat app specializing in a chat community for relationships that can be used 24 hours a day without any cost with the cheapest paid messaging and free chat.

▶ JulChat’s service menu consists of Chat, Talk, Nearby, Message, and More.
1. Chat – This is a menu that allows you to communicate with local members through direct messages (messages) or live chat. Of course, members from other regions can also use it. If you request a conversation by sending a message to a member connected live and the other person agrees, a chat room will be opened and you can communicate without restrictions on time through real-time free chat.
2. Talk - Post your introduction and photos on the public bulletin board for free through Talk Writing. Of course, you don't have to post it. Any member can request communication by sending a direct message (message) to the person on the public post. If the other person agrees and a chat room is opened, you can communicate with the other person through 1:1 free chat without making a purchase.
- In the talk menu, you can sort and view the talk posts in order of distance from where you are located, so you can make people who are really close to you into neighborhood friends, and you can also create a heart-pounding relationship with someone of the opposite sex in a close distance. We can proudly say that it is a non-“A” free chat app.
- When using the talk menu, you can communicate with confidence as your personal phone number is not exposed at all and communication is purely through chat.
- Talk Menu implements chat stalking prevention so that when communicating with each other, if the other person sends chat content that is harmful to public morals or requests content that you do not agree with, you can press the “Block” button so that the other person can no longer request chat.
- All posts on the Talk Menu are monitored 24 hours a day, but any hateful Talk posts that cannot be monitored due to a momentary mistake can be immediately reported by any member by pressing the “Report” button.
- In the talk menu, you can add friends to the member who posted the message, allowing you to more conveniently communicate only with members registered as friends. Of course, you can unfriend at any time.
3. Nearby – The Nearby menu sorts the list of all “JulChat” members who have posted chat messages on the Talk Menu bulletin board by gender, distance, and access order, allowing for more convenient communication through chatting between members. This menu is designed to accommodate this.
4. Message (Message) – The message menu is a menu that allows you to send a message to the other member through the chat menu, talk menu, or surrounding menu, and then check and communicate when a reply is received.
5. More menu – consists of My Profile, Recharge, Usage History, Friends & Block, Announcements, Write a Review, User Guide, and Contact Us.
6. Julchat Today’s Tarot Menu – Julchat Tarot provides today’s love fortune tarot reading every day. This is a specialized service exclusively for Julchat members and can be used only once per day per member. The cost per use is 90 won.

※ epilogue
Is there any difference in human nature no matter who we are now?
Has anyone ever had a perfect life without even getting scratched by the weight of life?
Even a diamond that accidentally fell into a quagmire is still a brilliant diamond that expresses eternal love.

“Love is not far away”

This app follows the National Defense Commission's ‘Recommendation to Strengthen Youth Protection Activities’ and prohibits the following actions within the app and is doing its best to monitor them to protect youth. In addition, we monitor the distribution of illegal and harmful content, and if discovered, the member/post may be blocked without notice.

1. This app is not intended for prostitution and complies with the Youth Protection Act, but users must be careful as it may contain content or content harmful to minors.

2. Anyone who arranges, solicits, entices, or forces prostitution, including children or adolescents, or engages in prostitution, is subject to criminal punishment.

3. Obscene or sensational profile photos and posts that encourage unhealthy encounters by comparing genitals or sexual acts are prohibited from being distributed through this service.

4. Illegal activities that violate current laws, such as other narcotics, pharmaceuticals, and organ transactions, are prohibited.

If there is a recommendation for illegal transactions, please report it to [angelatk19@gmail.com]. In case of emergency, call the National Police Agency (112), Police Support Center for Children, Women, and the Disabled Safety Dream (117), Women's Emergency Hotline (1366), or other related calls. You can get help from the Sexual Violence Protection Center (http://www.sexoffender.go.kr/).

[Access Permission Information]

* Required access rights
-Phone: Permission required to maintain the authentication status received on my device

* Optional access rights
-Camera: Permission required to take your own profile photo
-Storage space: Permission required to load profile photos from device photo album
- Location: Permission needed to know the distance between me and other members

* How to contact Julchat Customer Center
When using the app: Home screen -> More menu at the top right -> Contact us
When sending by email: angelatk19@gmail.com
Customer Center: 070-7734-2275 (Business hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM) - Contact number to be changed to regular phone number
Anyone aged 20 or older can sign up for our service.
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