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Feb 20, 2024
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Generous server opening rewards available, limited coupon code: SSR8255

★Generous server open rewards★
Limited coupon codes: SD777, CHAOS, JANG777, SSR8255, and includes various rewards such as a high-quality treasure map and a new level pet.

★Unique class★
Unique Classes - A unique Western fantasy MMORPG with six classes, including the Grim Reaper, the cold Assassin, the detached Gunner, the fearless Warrior, the graceful Sage, and the exotic Dancer. You can fully experience the ultimate combat pleasure through a brain battle of skill combinations.

★Unprecedented unique content★
There are PVP and PVE typical of the MMORPG genre, as well as unusual battle patterns. You can battle with 7 different motions, and when the main character transforms into 4 'Heavenly God' forms other than specialized class skills, you can participate with 3 'Messengers'. You can experience an exciting fight with a total of 7 characters, not just the main character, jumping in as needed.

★Higher drop rate instead of homework and homework★
You can reach level 100 in 10 minutes while obtaining all powerful set items through convenient automatic hunting, so becoming a ranker on this server is by no means a dream.

★Delicate and rich customization★
In addition to realistic customization and ultra-detailed character modeling, you can also decorate your own character using over 100 types of costumes, hairstyles, accessories, light effects, wings, and unimaginable vehicles. Walk, explore, fight, and meet in the vast world and enjoy another journey of yourself in the game.

★Various high-quality fields and in-game social systems★
In addition to the solemn and luxurious European-style main town where you can go on an adventure even on your own, a dark and mysterious forest, and a romantic sea island under the sunset, hidden fields with hidden treasures are waiting for the discoverer. You can enjoy the fun of large-scale group competitions by building bonds with other users through an in-game social system that includes 'relationship' content that allows you to get married. No matter what choice you make, the game is designed to provide the best experience to all users through seamless leveling up and improved combat power.

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[Required permissions]
- CAMERA: CAMERA access is required for in-game photo-related functions.
- RECORD_AUDIO: RECORD_AUDIO access is required for the in-game voice chat function.
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE access is required to extract logs and improve game quality.
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE access is required to extract logs and optimize the game.
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