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Sep 30, 2023
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Welcome to Types, Social Playground

Let’s learn about ourselves that we didn’t know about each other with light and fun tools and quizzes.
You'll find unexpected fun and share stories you wouldn't normally share.

- Log

A new way to record your day, record your day and guess whose daily life it is with your friends.

- My own secret communication window cabinet

Share honest stories with your friends through cute messages and stickers.

- Anonymous signals

I have a friend who is thinking of me right now? Send an anonymous signal to a friend who suddenly comes to mind once a day.

- Personality Type Quiz

What do my friends see as my personality type? Complete the quiz in 3 minutes with Types’ fast and accurate test strip.

- Guess me/Image game

How much do each other's views of me and ours match? Find out what each other thinks with fun questions

- A community for overindulgent personality types

Ask questions to personality types you've always been curious about, and see how different the thoughts of each personality type are.

- Easy sharing via KakaoTalk

You can easily share the quizzes you created with your friends through KakaoTalk.

- Find friends

Check and solve your KakaoTalk friends’ quizzes at a glance
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