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๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ“ป Serbian Radio Stations APK

Serbian Radio Stations! Music and News. Easy to use, High quality.

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This Serbian Radio App with News, Sports and Music is totally free. All available live streams from Serbia in one single app!

๐Ÿ‘ Easy to use
๐Ÿ‘ High quality
๐Ÿ‘ Broadest selection
๐Ÿ‘ Top performance, security and functions

๐Ÿ“ป Serbian Online Radio:
choose from the top live streams with Music and News from Serbia Internet Radios
โ™ฌ Song and Artist information
๐Ÿ’จ Fast access
โ™ฅ Set favorites
๐Ÿ” Search for a station
โ—‰ Radios are sorted by genres
๐Ÿ“Œ Radios are sorted by location
๐Ÿ• Set a sleep timer
โฐ Set a alarm
โœš Add a live stream
โ†บ Refresh Playlist to always see the latest updates
$ Remove Ads with low priced paid subscription
โ— Please note that not all stations are available 24/7! Some stations also do have a max. number of listeners and/or are located in regions that do not have a 100% reliable internet connection. If you see the error message "Connection could not be established" and this problem persists, please contact us.

๏ฟฝ For further information please use the FAQ Section inside the app (under Settings) or visit our homepage at

๐Ÿ“ป Tunein to these Serbian Live Radios, included in this Serbia app:
Akord Media
Antena Radio Krusevac
Banker Radio 98.3 FM
Beograund Radio
B-ton Radio
Bubamara Serbia
Bubble Gum
Bum Bum Radio
Bum Radio Kraljevo
Chillout Radio By ECCOsea
Civijas Radio
Cool Radio
Dardania Hit Radio
Dasko Mlada
Delta City - Naxi Cafe Radio
Dukagjini Love Radio
Dukagjini Shqip Radio
Energy Radio Belgrade
Gold Radio Branicevo
Hit FM Serbia 98.5 FM
Internet Radio PINGVIN
Jack folk radio Varvarin Serbia
Jack radio Varvarin Srbija
Jugo Manija
Kiss FM Serbia
Klik 105.5 FM Zrenjanin
Lux Radio
MAX FM Jagodina
Naxi Radio 96.9 FM
OK Radio 94.2 FM
ONiXbeats Internet Radio
Optop Radio
Ozon Radio
Pink Radio Najbolji
Play Radio B92 FM
Positive Radios - Alternative
Positive Radios - Blues
Positive Radios - Cream
Positive Radios - Dance
Positive Radios - Folkoteka
Positive Radios - Hits
Positive Radios - Love
Positive Radios - Smooth Jazz
Positive Radios DO-MACICA
Positive Radios EX-YU
Radio 016
Radio 021 92.2 FM
Radio 4 YoU
Radio Active 105.4 FM
Radio Alba
Radio Ami 89.7 FM
Radio Antena
Radio Antena Bor 101.6 FM
Radio Antenna 91.3 FM Krusevac
Radio Aparat
Radio AS FM 101.3
Radio AS Sabac
Radio Banja 2
Radio Beograd 1 88.3 FM
Radio Beograd 2
Radio Beograd 202
Radio Beseda
Radio Boom 93.4 FM
Radio Bor 103.1 FM
Radio Bravo 100.2 FM
Radio Buba Mara 105.2 FM
Radio Buca 89.0 FM
Radio Bum
Radio Centar 987
Radio Cirilica
Radio Club 037 - Italo Disco Radio
Radio D Lucani
Radio DAK 101.5 FM
Radio Drenasi 92.1 FM
Radio Drivers
Radio Dzenarika
Radio Fan
Radio Fontana 98.8 FM
Radio Fruska Gora
Radio Gjakova 100 FM
Radio Glagoljica
Radio Glas Krajine
Radio Impuls
Radio In 95.6 FM
Radio Jammonite
Radio Jat
Radio JAT 90.2 FM
Radio Juzni Vetar
Radio K4
Radio Kaktus
Radio Karolina 106.3 FM
Radio KFOR 107.9 FM
Radio KLAS
Radio Kosova 91.9 FM
Radio Kosova e Lire 94.2 FM
Radio Kumodraz Hitmix
Radio Laguna 93.7 FM
Radio Latinica
Radio Lipovac-Brcko
Radio Ljubava 103.3 FM
Radio Llapi 103.2 FM
Radio Lotel 107.4 FM
Radio Macva
Radio Magnum 103 FM
Radio Maria Srbiji 90.7 FM
Radio Max Coka
Radio MB 98.1
Radio Morava FM
Radio Nostalgija 105.2 FM Beograd
Radio Novosti 104.7 FM
Radio Pancevo 92.1 FM
Radio Patrola
Radio Peja 93 FM
Radio Pingvin 90.9 FM
Radio Pingvin World
Radio Play FM Arilje 96 FM
Radio Plus 102.2 FM
Radio Pozega
Radio Rinia 98.4 FM
Radio SHARRI 96.4 FM
Radio Signal
and many more ...

What's New

* "Listening History" (Recent) function added
* Player is now also optimized for android version 8.0+
* Updated EU-User Consent Policy


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