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A fun kids game about beetles, ant smashing. Children's games boys and girls.

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"Insect smasher" - the best fun and simple game. Your main goal as a player is to smash all the beetles that are found on the way-the kill all flies, smash cockroaches, сrush flies and сrush ants. Beetles are quite easy to crush: you just have to hit them with your finger. But be careful - some insects can not be killed: you have to crush cockroaches, kill flies and smash ants. The game has a large number of beetles: you have to crush cockroaches, kill ants, smash flies, and other living insects. Can you handle this task? Install the game to find out!
The game supports multitouch, so you can kill beetles with several fingers at the same time!
The game is anti-stress, kill cockroaches, crash flies smash ants but touching ladybugs!
Tired of insects? Become the best beetle killer. Cheerful and the game and the best in its segment.

After entering the game, you can choose from five modes:
🐜1. Surviving. The nasty beetles invaded your territory. You need to kill them as soon as possible smash cockroach milestones, because when their number exceeds the specified value, the game will end. Your task is to quickly kill cockroaches, crush flies and blow up beetles and every new insect that does not become too many. Do you think you can do it? As the levels change, the situation will only get hotter!
🐜2. Attack by time. You have exactly a few minutes to destroy everyone. Become a real killer and calmly deal with annoying insects! For each killed bug you will receive a bonus to the time. The game will end only when its stock expires. Be careful: if you miss the bugs, for every slip the game takes away your precious watch. This mode requires special accuracy and good response.
At the end of the game, we are credited with bonuses. Most of them can be obtained by killing gold beetles. With the help of these coins, you will be able to buy various game bonuses that will help you destroy nasty insects more effectively:
1. The bomb. For 30 coins you can buy a bomb. Placing it in a certain area, you will undermine all the insects that come close to it. The bomb is activated 3 seconds after placement and kill insects.
2. Freezing. For 10 coins in the game you can buy frost. It is especially effective against rapidly creeping insects. It freezes them, making the insects creep much slower: while they are slowed down, you have a great opportunity to crush bugs with a simple tap on the screen!
3. Aerosol. The most expensive and effective tool sold for 20 coins. It affects all insects in the area of ​​spraying and leads to 100% of death. If the beetles become too much - you know what to buy!
The game will help pass the evening. It does not bother even after a long time, because as you pass, you will discover more and more locations. Be sure to download this game on your smartphone and prove that you are steeper and quicker than insects.
Game motto:
🐛 Kill bugs
🐛 Crash cockroaches
🐛 Push ant
🐛 Smash fly
🐛 Smash all insects!

Good luck!

In the game you need to smash by finger:
🐛 insects
🐛 mosquitoes
🐛 cockroaches
🐛 ants
🐛 flies
🐛 spiders
🐛 ladybugs

We plan to add:
Flying beetles

We will try to do everything to make it fun to catch and crash and smash by your finger.
We will make for you the best insect smasher.

Push insects! Crush insects! Kill insects! Crush bugs!
Do it!

Email: habegames@gmail.com

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