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🐶 Every time we talk about our pets, in general we almost always refer to dogs and cats. But in this application "Home Remedies For Dogs", we will be putting all our attention only on dogs and their diseases and ways of treating them in a natural way.

When we make the decision to have a puppy at home from one of the many dog ​​breeds that exist, it is inevitable that many doubts arise, such as: How to care for a puppy ?, What to feed a puppy? What can I feed my dog? Can we give him homemade food for puppies? What are the common diseases in dogs? What types of treatments are there to do at home? And a lot of doubts that we have in different circumstances.

In this application "Home Remedies For Dogs", we are trying to answer those questions and others of equal or greater importance to improve the quality of life of our pets.

🐶 You will find information that we consider very valuable on topics such as: their congenital problems, environmental effects on your pet, the most common diseases and parasites of dogs, and of course a lot of information on how to ensure that your pet is having the best nutrition and also knowing in depth how to properly treat the diseases of our pets.

We have dedicated an important part to the treatments because we consider that good nutrition and treatments from puppies, ensures good health and therefore a healthy, vibrant and happy animal that will undoubtedly be your best company.

treatments to find:
🐶 Scabies in dogs
🐶 How to treat diarrhea
🐶 Eliminate fleas
🐶 Treatment for parvo virus
🐶 How to deworm
Why worry about spending a lot of time in our lives with a dog?

Since ancient times, thousands of years ago dogs have been companions of man in hunting, in the care of the family and their livestock, and even in the active family life of developed countries, the dog has found an important role as Companion for children with special needs, as a guide for people who have lost their sight and as an assistant in the control of drug, weapons and prohibited substances smuggling and much more.
Even in the service of security guards and in the military, the dog has proven to be an excellent companion. We also find them carrying out lifeguard duties on beaches and pools and rescuing people buried alive under the rubble of buildings fallen by earthquakes or hurricanes apart from the company they provide when we need it.

🐶It only remains for me to comment that my 6-year-old nephew practices his reading lessons, reading to his “bell” dog that you see in the icon of this application.

Sometimes we think that dogs are true angels that accompany us on our adventure through life.

In short, the dog is not only the best friend but also the indispensable companion of the man you have for his entire doggy life.

Do not forget to leave me your comments about this application and the stars that you think we deserve. Your suggestions to expand and improve its content will be very welcome.

Take care of your pet's health-Taking care of your dog treatments
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