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A pixel RPG, with randomly generated levels, items, enemies, and traps!

Version4.0.0 (4000)
UpdatedMay 27, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperRole Playing Games Studio
CategoryGames, Role Playing

A pixel RPG, with randomly generated levels, items, enemies, and traps!
And like most other games of its genre, it is quite challenging.
The main feature which makes it different from original game and other mods is that it is mostly focused on tweaking game mechanics in order to make the game more interesting, diverse and balanced.

Key Features:
โœ… A variety of equipment options - dual wielding, firearms, shields, and more!
โœ… Most enchantments on the weapons and armor now are more powerful than before
โœ… Environment now affects stealth and evasion, encouraging a more tactical approach
โœ… All bosses have been completely or partially reworked and are now even more epic!
โœ… New items, enemies, traps, and interactions added between them!
โœ… Loading tips and more detailed information about items and character stats
โœ… Improved user interface - auto-aiming, extended journal and other stuff
โœ… Both new and modified potions, scrolls, wands, rings and other items...
โœ… Healing, stealth, wand usage and item durability systems were reworked!
โœ… Many old enemies gained new abilities or were moved to other parts of the dungeon
โœ… Each chapter now contains six floors (a total of 31 floor dungeon instead of 26)
โœ… Shops are now on every fifth level, and their assortment has become more varied
โœ… Even more features are coming later since this project is still in development!
โœ… This game supports user-created mods! And as we further develop this feature, soon you will be able to create whole new game!
โœ… Hardcore roguelike experience!
โœ… Town hub to prepare you for your journey and introduce you to the game world
โœ… Over 30 dungeon levels of the main dungeon split into 6 unique dungeon types
โœ… 3 optional dungeons: Spider Lair, Necropolis, Ice Caves
โœ… Dozens of items and monsters
โœ… Various bosses
โœ… Hats! Everyone likes hats!

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