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Go Local - Be a Mile Stone. SOS, News, Notice Board, Toilets, Pics & more

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1 Mile is Your Guide and Platform for Everything that You Need Around You.


Emergency Response - Send your live real-time location to your contacts in cases of danger and emergency through a url. Contacts can open the link on their browser

Local Bulletin Board - Be Connected to Everyone within Your 1 Mile Radius. Post 'Shouts', See other People's Shouts, Comment and Personal Chat. Be Up-to-date with Everything that is Happening around You.

Public Toilets - 'See' the Public Toilets in your 1 Mile Radius; Information, Photos, Directions and More. Add Public Toilets to the Database for Others to See. Your Name will be Featured in the Toilets You Add.

Local Pollution - Comprehensive Air Pollution Data from Around You. Be Aware of the Air that You are Breathing in, its Consequences and Plan Accordingly. Also Shows Humidity and Wind Conditions, subject to Availability.

Local News - News that is Happening Around You. News that Concerns You the Most. News that is Relevant to You. News that will Affect You.

Local Images - The images that describe your neighbourhood. They may be landmarks, monuments, retreats, landfills or even garbage bins.

The Bulletin Board acts just as any standard bulletin or notice board for any community. People post onto it. People read it. People converse around it. Except here, the bulletin board is digital. You will be able to do everything inside the app for a community as big as a mile square.

In case of public toilets, the cover should judge the book. If it looks good from the outside, it is likely it looks good from the inside. You can post photos of the public toilets or any other amenity that you use for everyone to see. Now don't hold your pee or poo just because you are concerned about the hygiene of the toilet that you have to use.

Air Pollution module will show you every available data set from the Govt authorities. Most used indexes are AQI(Air quality index), PM2.5 index, PM10 index, Wind Speed, Humidity, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and more depending upon availability.

All the news in which your city is mentioned. All the news that have some connection with your city. All the news that is published in your city.

The images module has been added in order to create a database of images around your locality. These images are descriptive of your locality and community. Please do not add any images that may infringe any one's privacy.

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Email: sourabh@1mile.co.in

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