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Exercises for the correction and rehabilitation of the method of Bates

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FREE program for the complete restoration of vision by the method of Bates.

Without surgery (laser correction) quickly.

This method allows you to restore the ideal of almost any eye condition.
Say no glasses and lenses! 100% sight without surgery.

Perfect vision for everyone - that's the goal of this program.
We offer you the effective exercises, various recommendations, tips for a 100% vision, based primarily on the method of William Bates, and his successor, V.G. Zhdanov.
In the program you will find - a description of the method, reference exercises, tips and recommendations, contraindications.
The 'Notes Exercises "you will find a complete list of basic exercises to train your eyes.
In the 'tips and tricks' you will find basic tips and advice for the full restoration of its prevention and rehabilitation as well as additional exercises to train the eye.
In the 'complex' we offer you a few sets of measures for the correction of vision, consisting of the most effective exercises for the eyes, recommendations and advice and medication.
Author techniques, Professor Zhdanov and Bates, sure sight in almost all cases, you can recover up to 100% percent, and even to improve it even more.
We look forward to completing all the exercises regularly and accurately, strictly following all the advice and tips to help your eyes with vitamins and a good motivation for you to restore your vision to 100 +% very quickly.


Considering how active we are living, and what the load gets to our eyes, interest in the subject of restoration and conservation without the use of medicines and operational practices is enormous. Constant reading books, paper and electronic, hours spent behind a computer screen or television, tension - all this is bad for your vision. Therefore, a course based Bates, who spends Professor Zhdanov, "Bring Me the vision" will be useful for almost every modern man. Bates has created a unique system of exercises to restore vision in which a curative effect is achieved by relaxation / stress certain eye muscles. Although the theory of Bates and a description of their exercise have been translated into Russian, and even published in book form, the method of Bates is not widespread. Perhaps the reason was that it is not profitable to companies engaged in the production and sale of glasses and lenses - given the volume of the market is not so difficult to allocate some money to combat the spread of information.

The method of Bates - improving visual acuity through training the eye muscles, exercising focus. If you have an eye muscles, so they can train similar to the training in the gym. Just things and eye muscles: some people train them through exercises for the eyes, changing the visual mode, while others are looking all day at the computer screen without letting their eyes to work "in different modes," depriving them of their natural workout.

Comparison of exercises for the eyes, which are used in the method of Bates, with training in the gym is quite appropriate: the exercises should be done on a regular basis.
The next update is expected to:
- Addition of test
- Updated information on exercises and tips
The professional version of the program / Professional Edition.

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