1008 Names Of Kali Maa काली माँ के १००८ नाम APK

1008 Names Of Kali Maa काली माँ के १००८ नाम

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Mahakali Chalisa will remove all evils from your life and family.

Kali काली is the Guardian. also known as Kālikā (कालिका)

The Protectress. The Mother. Kali is Dharma and Eternal Time. Kali shines with the brilliance of a Million Black Fires of Dissolution and Her body is bathed in vibuthi (sacred ash). She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally "redeemer of the universe").

If Kali is appraoched with the bhava of Motherly Love, She assumes the form of Lakshmi. If Kali is approached as the Guru, embodying Wisdom, Art and Education, She assumes the form of Saraswati. The demons approached Kalika with the bhava of destruction and evil. Consequently, the Divine Mother assumed the form of their Destruction by reflecting, in form, their own Evil.

The Tantras mention over thirty forms of Kali. The Divine Mother is also known as Kali-Ma, the Black Goddess, Maha Kali, Nitya Kali, Smashana Kali, Raksha Kali, Shyama Kali, Kalikamata, Bhadra Kali, Ugra Chandi, Bhima Chandi, Sidheshvari, Sheetla and Kalaratri.

Kali काली, Tara तारा, Tripura Sundari त्रिपुरसुन्दरी(Shodashi) , भुवनेश्वरी, Cchinnamasta छिन्नमस्ता, Bhairavi भैरवी, dhumavati धूमावती, Bagalamukhi बगळामुखी, Matangi मातंगी , and Kamala कमला. These ten aspects of Shakti are the epitome of the entire creation.

Kāli conveys death, destruction, and the consuming aspects of reality. As such, she death itself. In the Pancatattva ritual, the sadhaka boldly seeks to confront Kali, and thereby assimilates and transforms her into a vehicle of salvation.

Kali appears as a symbol of triumph over death. Pray to Kali for liberation/salvation/God realization not for siddhis.

Kali, the Goddess of energy and transformation. The thunderbolt or vajra that destroys the serpent of the ignorance and releases the light of absolute truth.

Kali wields the sword of knowledge, which cuts through ignorance, a severed head, which symbolizes letting go of rational mind and ego; and the lotus, which represents spiritual fulfillment. She wears a garland of skulls around her neck, which represents the wisdom and memory of human existence."

When we honour Kali, we honour the changes in our lives.

Kali teaches that pain, sorrow, decay, death, and destruction are not overcome by denying or explaining them away. Kali's gift is freedom. Kali is Mother, not because She protects us from the way things are, but because She reveals our mortality to us and releases us to act fully and freely.

Meditate on Kali and honour ourselves in all aspects - not simply the positive but ready to accept our shadow side. Eliminating the negative aspect of ourself which doesn't do us any benefit. When you invoke Mahakali you are calling her to liberate you from your restrictions and own negative aspects..

भद्रकाली, Bhadrakali in Sanskrit means “blessed, auspicious, beautiful and prosperous” and she is also known as “Gentle Kali”.

Kali is Chinnamasta छिन्नमस्ता, Chinnamasta is the Hindu the Goddess of Great Wisdom.

Shri Mahakali Amrutwani श्री महाकाली अमृतवाणी
Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichaye ॐ एआईएम ह्रीं कलीम चामुण्डायै विचये
1008 Names Of Kali Maa काली माँ के १००८ नाम
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