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You can make your own flower crown with this nice application.

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Flower crown or flower crown is one of the head accessories that is very popular with women. Those who wear headbands in the form of this crown flower will look very elegant and beautiful as a princess of a king.

The flower crown is the perfect accessory to showcase fresh flower arrangements of a season at weddings, garden parties or just to welcome spring and summer. Making it simple, but able to add a sweet touch in any event. Buy or pick your favorite flower, then pin it on a wire to create a beautiful head accessory.

Flower crown is very suitable for use by all ages, ranging from children to adults. Children usually wear this crown flower when playing princess and king, while for adults can wear it to go to party or other activity.
Currently you can easily buy flower crown in accessories shop. But if you want to save costs while sharpening creativity, then you can make your own. In this app review how to make your own crown flower by using simple materials that are around us.

Flowering this simple crown does not take a long time because it takes only a few simple steps. Before making it, let us prepare the first materials needed, among others; wire, flower and leaf, glue, adhesive and color tape.

How to Make Flower Crown Simple
Well after all the materials are collected, let us discuss how to make this simple crown flower. Here are the steps.

1. Wire shape
First of all, take two wires and then shape the circle according to the size of your head. After that coat the two wires by using the solation to make it smoother when bent and also looks like the original flower branch.
After all the surface of the wire is covered by the solation, now wrap the two wires to look like interrelated limbs. To connect one end with the other please use the color solver again.

2. Decorate with ribbon
If you want to decorate the flower crown with ribbon, then decorate it now before the flower is pasted. But if you do not want to add the ribbon, then you can immediately proceed to the next stage.

3. Stick the flower
The next step is to stick the flowers and leaves you have prepared. Before paste it, please specify the interest pattern first so you do not have to bother to remove it when it is pasted.
If it is ready, please paste the flowers and leaves one by one. When finished, let sit a moment so that the glue dry. Congratulations! now a flower crown has been successfully created and ready for your use.

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