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This is the world’s most complete list of ways to make money online

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Warning: This is a massive book.
Wondering how to make money online? Or maybe you've already tried, but have not had any success?
Well, you've come to the right place.
To my knowledge, this is the world's most complete list of ways to make money online. It's also one of the most regularly-updated, as I only want to share current methods that work in 2018.
Including all the research, writing, formatting, etc., I've easily spent hundreds of hours putting this list together.
Since I've tried to include every legitimate online learning method, there's a huge range in income potential - some methods can make you a millionaire (if you put in the work), while others are only good for pocket change.
Whether you're looking to make a full-time income working from home or simply want to find a good side hustle, I'm sure you'll have tons of ideas by the end.
As you'll see, I've included the income potential for most of the items on this list, which is on a scale of 1-5 [1 being the lowest income potential, 5 being the highest (millions +)]. In many cases the income potential is actually impossible to give (such as in the case of online investing), so do not take these potentials too seriously. They only serve as a general guideline.
Table of Contents
•1 Get Paid to Take Surveys
•2 Affiliate Marketing
•3 Install These Apps on Your Phone
•4 Get Paid to Complete Easy Tasks
•5 Sell a Simple Service for $5 on Fiverr
•6 Create and Sell Your Own Online Course
•7 Earn $0.10/Day to View Lockscreen Ads
•8 Teach ESL to Foreign Students Online
•9 Create YouTube Videos and Monetize them with Ads
•10 Start an Amazon FBA Business Selling Private Label Products
•11 Build Smartphone Apps for Free, or Hire Someone Else to
•12 Make Money from Your Livestreams with the Peeks App
•13 Do Graphic Design
•14 Get Paid to Search on Google and other Large Websites
•15 Make $200+ a Month Watching Videos
•16 Get Cash Back on Your Online Purchases
•17 Earn $30/Hour Testing Websites
•18 Get Rewarded for Staying Healthy
•19 Become a Freelance Writer
•20 Do Technical Freelancing
•21 Help People Get Things Done as a Virtual Assistant
•22 Earn $20+/Hour to Tutor Students Online
•23 Join a Focus Group and Earn $50-$200+
•24 Use a Different Search Engine (Earn Up to $1 per Search)
•25 Get Paid for Your Typing Skills with Data Entry
•26 Do Simple Jobs for Amazon with MTurk
•27 Play Online Games. Seriously!
•28 Get Paid to Examine Search Engines
•29 Become an Online Juror
•30 Use Your Ears – Become a Freelance Transcriptionist
•31 Sell Your Photos!
•32 Start Investing with These Apps
•33 Earn Money for Listening to the Radio
•34 Make Use of Your Eagle Eyes – Become a Freelance Proofreader!
•35 Become a Domain Name Flipper
•36 Teach People How to Play Chess
•37 Make Money from Your Tweets
•38 Enter Naming Contests and Unleash Your Creativity
•39 Write and Sell Your Very Own eBook
•40 Get Paid to Read Emails (No Joke!)
•41 Add Google AdSense to Your Website
•42 Get Paid to Write Product Reviews on Your Website
•43 Start Selling Your Products Online with Shopify
•44 Make Big Bucks with Email Marketing
•45 Start Your Own Patreon Account
•46 Enter and Win Online Slogan Contests
•47 Write Articles for Popular Blogs
•48 Easily Design Your Own T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, and More!
•49 Host a Webinar and Share Your Knowledge with the World
•50 Automatically Save Money with this Free Chrome Extension
•51 Offer a White Hat Link Building Service
•52 Get Paid to do Email Outreach
•53 Join Paribus and Get Refunded for Products that Went Down in Price
•54 Sell Your Old Unlimited Data Plan for $1,000
•55 Build and Sell Ready-Made Niche Websites
•56 Design Logos
•57 Make Real Money Playing Fantasy Sports
•58 Create and Sell Your Own Google Chrome Extensions
•59 Make Money When People Click Your Shortened URLs
•60 Sell Your Email List
•.........to 149

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