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1point5 helps you to maintain social distance.

Version2.0.0.10r-un (3)
UpdatedJul 07, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
DeveloperUnited Nations
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1point5 helps you to maintain social distance. Use this app to alert you when other app users are too close so you can move, and maintain social distance from them.

Use this app for teams at home or at work. Everyone’s device must have the app downloaded and the app must be turned on for detection to work. Detection will run unless paused. While paused, the app will not detect other devices or be able to be detected. You can create “Teams” of safe people and mute alerts from them, if you need to stay close but want notifications from non team members.


Active User Detection:
Tells you when other devices - that have the app installed and turned on - are within your devices ranges:
• Safer
• Caution
• Warning
• High Risk, Danger

Safe Teams:
The Teams feature allows users to join a team of people they have chosen to not be socially distanced from. Use this for families or work team members. Add users to your 'Safe Team' using secure QR codes for each handset. The app will mute notifications from your Team members and logs the interaction as “Safer” in the history section. I.E.
• Create your family’s Team for a socially distanced block party where all the neighbors are using the app.
• At the workplace: Your company team can use the app. User Teams for when you and your co-worker must remain close to do your job (and have decided its safe to do so), but you both still want notifications from other coworkers during the workday, Teams allows you to do this.

Live Alerts:
Real time alerts on other active users’ proximity based on signal strength
Push notifications for ‘Danger’ and ‘Too Close’

Anonymized for security and privacy
Shows users date and time of detection alerts

Users can set custom alerts for “High Risk, Danger" and “Safer”

All ID’s and devices are anonymous
All data lives on your phone
Uses Fixed Bluetooth ID
Uses Bluetooth Low Energy: BLE 4.2 and above supported

Email: re2005@gmail.com

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