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2021 Mahmoud Alturki Songs app

Music app by Mahmoud Alturki

Mahmoud Al-Turki is a great Iraqi artist and has a very great voice

Mahmoud Al-Turki presented a lot of great songs during his artistic career

App features:

Random transition between songs
Automatic stop when you receive a call
High quality when listening
You can listen to songs in the background.
Works without internet
Stylish and easy-to-use design
You can automatically move between songs.

List of songs:

Mahmud Al-Turki The weather is nice
Mahmud Al-Turki Habibi
Mahmoud Al-Turki Ueli AlZain
Mahmoud Al-Turki needs you with
Mahmud Al-turki I swear I love him
I'm the mayor.
Mahmud Al-Turki Rayha Heli
Mahmud Al -turki Habib Al-Ceybi
Mahmood Al-Turki, come and satisfy you, love
Mahmoud Al-Turki my psychological comfort with Ali Jassim
Mahmoud Al-Turki what is not with Ali Jasem.
Mahmoud al-Turki knocked my heart with Mohammed Saif
Mahmoud Al-Turki, your eyes are on your heart
Mahmoud Al-turki you are my joy
Mahmoud al-Turki al-Khain with Jaafar al-Ghazal
Mahmoud Al-Turki I did not see today my love
Mahmoud Al-Turki Abu Gulb Al , Jubeir
mahmoud al-turki my love

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