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21 Days Survival APK

Survive 21 days on a deadly island to experience life time adventure.

Version1.1.8 (8)
UpdatedApr 26, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
DeveloperBlockot Games
CategoryGames, Action

Can you survive for 21 days on this deadly island? No one has survived for this long ever before. Try your best surviving as a man stranded in vast jungle.

You accepted your friend’s challenge to live as survivor somewhere deep in this remote jungle island. Your survival adventure has just begun in this virtual reality…You don’t know how deep inside the forest you are and how vast it is, but now you’re stranded in the wild. Surviving will be no simple task for first timers but don’t worry you will learn fast in this free online survival game. First you have to craft some basic tools so that you can hunt for food that is not poisonous for you in this free online game for surviving. Then you must also learn to build a shelter for unpredictable game environment in the vast wild area. This survival game is free to play so download now and start playing.

Tips to survive:
- Wood is essential for crafting as well as building a shelter. Collect wood by chopping trees in the forest.
- Craft weapons such as bows and arrows for fighting wild animals attacking.
- Don’t starve: collect any available source of food to keep yourself fed in this free survival game.
- You must keep track of your health, or you won’t survive the tough life of jungle.
- You are a survivor so you’ll have to make it, facing any challenge anytime for survival.

Game Features:
- Multiple challenges to complete
- Unpredictable jungle environment
- Vast area to explore
- Simple and easy ways to learn about surviving in jungle
- Amazing graphics and jungle ambient sounds.

Think you have what it takes to go on these dangerous survival challenges?

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